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Unreturned Equipment Charge

I've been around

So since my house burned down and I havw called rogers and have told me there wasn't anything they could do for me-that regardless I need to pay for the requirement which is over $250. They expect for me to claim It on
insurance, but I didn't not have insurance.
I am trrying my best to make payments on the bill as much as I can but I just really don't think it's fair I have to pay so much for equipment.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Unreturned Equipment Charge

I've been around
I am going through the same thing!
I contacted Canada post and they said you dropped it off so rogers shouldn’t give you a hard time!

I had been on the phone for 2 1/2 hours where agents kept transferring me and dropping my calls.

I dropped it off at Canada post 40 days ago and even provided rogers my tracking number.

While disputing my bill, I was waiting hoping they recieve it soon and now they are saying they can’t do anything and charging me additional late fees.

I don’t know what to do.


Re: Unreturned Equipment Charge

Hello, @Saya_san


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


It's disappointing to hear about the issues you are facing with your equipment return. We'd like to take a closer look at this for you and escalate this to see if we can locate the equipment in our warehouse and ensure this is rectified for you.


Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can gather your info and get started. Not familiar with our private messaging system? No worries, click here



Re: Unreturned Equipment Charge

I am also going through the same situation as above. Package received by Canada post. Investigation by Canada post. Being told Roger’s must contact them. I have been charged for the unreturned items. Have been told by a Roger’s representative through the messaging service that the charges will be reversed when the items are received by Roger’s Now being told by a customer service representative that it’s not Roger’s problem and I’m out the unreturned item fees.

Re: Unreturned Equipment Charge

@Brickdaddy9 do you have the tracking number and does it show that the item has been received by Rogers?


Have a look at the following post:


As indicated in the post just above your post, send the moderators a private message to initiate a search of the warehouse.  


When you're logged into the forum, follow this link to the moderators at the @CommunityHelps page. On that page will be a link on the right hand side to Send a Message. Follow that link to the message composition page. The address will fill in automatically. Fill in the subject and details and when the message is complete, hit Send Message at the bottom.


When you're logged into the forum, look for a number overlaying the envelope symbol at the upper right hand corner. That will indicate that there's an inbound message for you. Follow that envelope symbol as it serves as a link to the message inbox and outbox. From the response in the inbox you can then message back and forth as required.


To send anyone else on the forum a message, including @communityhelps, hover your mouse over their user name and a popup will appear with a link to send a Private Message. Follow that Private Message link to the message composition page and as before the message addressee will fill in automatically. Fill in the subject and details and hit Send Message when you're ready to send the message.


If you find that you're not getting anywhere via the moderators and Rogers is still pressing for payment, including reporting non payment to Equifax and Transunion and threatening to turn the bill over to bill collectors, do not hesitate to report this to the CRTC.  As indicated in the linked post, customers cannot be charged for lost equipment when they follow Rogers procedures for returning equipment.  I have no doubt that Rogers has insurance on the contract with Canada Post for "lost" items, so, obtaining payment from customers for already insured items allows Rogers to gain two payments for a single item.  All speculation on my part, but, running a contract without any insurance on that contract wouldn't make sense.



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