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Unhappy with My Current Phone Provider.

I've been here awhile

I've been with Rogers for, oh, over twenty years I think.


Things were getting too expensive so I jumped ship. I had gotten a couple of phone calls from a department, Win You Back I think it's called? Anyway, they offered me a plan that was similar but didn't really tickle my fancy.


After a month and a bit with this new cell provider, I'm not very happy with them and was wanting to come back to Rogers. I tried calling today and found out that the offer that was made had expired? That there was a time limit? I didn't know about that. They never told me.


Is there someone I can contact about this? The current plans being offered for a "new customer", I'm willing to grin and bear it with my current phone provider.


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Re: Unhappy with My Current Phone Provider.


Greetings @JanitorMan ,


Thanks so much for joining us in our community forums, we hope you enjoy your stay! 🙂


We certainly appreciate the loyalty you've shown over the years, but we understand that our customers needs may change from time to time. 


With that being said, may I ask, when did you cancel your services with us? And when did you speak with our Winback folks? 


It is true that our promos do come and go quite regularly, and unfortunately, they can expire at any time. I always recommend accepting an offer as soon as possible, if you are interested, and to avoid any disappointment.


I look forward to your response. 🙂



Re: Unhappy with My Current Phone Provider.

Hello Yasmine. I cancelled my services mid March I believe, might have been a bit earlier. The last time I talked with the Winback folks, and this offer was part of the call, was back on April 16th.

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