Unauthorized Third Party Charges

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Re: Unauthorized Third Party Charges

For all day yesterday, I kept getting these unsolicited text messages.  I was made to believe that I got duped into some third party charges.  Luckily for me, I was duped into a prank instead (cat facts prank).


But what I learned in the process is the policy on Third Party Charges at Rogers is flawed and burdens customers with a financial risk that they are not aware of.  Rogers position of "not being responsible" for what other companies charge is not fair.  I agree somewhat that Rogers should not be held entirely responsible for fraudulent activity which is outside of their control.  However, Rogers inability to react promptly to fraudulent activity is unacceptable.  But not being part of the solution, they are being part of the problem.  They are in essence facilitating ilegal and fraudulent activity which puts harm on its customers.


I have also been told to go through rogers complaint escalation process.  But looking at the feedback from this forum and others like it, I do not see the value of wasting time going through that process.


I firmly believe that something needs to be done here and I believe the best approach is social media.  I've never done this sort of thing before.  So I'll need to figure out how to setup a facebook group or equivalent.


If you've had problems with this before, your support will be appreciated.  Once something is up and running, I'll repost here.  Please check back.

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Re: Unauthorized Third Party Charges



Nicolas from Rogers Social Media team here. 


Thanks for this feedback. Helping customers to manage their services and avoid unexpected charges, such as Premium SMS, is definitely something that we are taking seriously. 


As of today, Rogers is the only Canadian carrier to offer several other ways to manage premium SMS services:

  • The option to block all premium SMS so even if you accidentally submit your mobile number online to receive a ‘joke of the day’ you wouldn’t receive a text from a premium SMS service. This will also block SMS from other companies, like SMS flight updates. Don’t worry; you will still be able to receive texts from your friends and family.


  • For premium SMS chat we now send our customers a reminder when they reach $100 for one program, and when they reach $500 we end the program.


  • We provide detailed information on third party premium text message services on your bill, including contact information so if you have questions about a charge, you can easily contact the message provider.


If you wish to add a block service to your account, the only thing you have to do is contact Rogers Customer Care.


You'll find more info on this topic on RedBoard:



Please let me know if you have any questions.



@RogersNicolas | Rogers Social Media team

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Unauthorized Third Party Charges

Hi Nicholas,


Thank-you for your prompt reply.  I was worried that nobody at Rogers cares about this issue as this thread has been alive for almost 3 months.


I appreciate your recommendation on blocking all third party charges.  Although this method is quite over kill and as suggested has its drawbacks, I agree that this should be done to avoid the possibility of being victimized by companies who are preying on the customers of Rogers (Telus too).


The policies and practices on Third Party Charges at Rogers effectively provide an opportunity for un ethical  companies to take advantage of Rogers customers.  When will Rogers raise the bar an place some of the risk that is being absorbed 100% by customers back onto the companies where the charges originate from?  My comments/views below reflect policies that are in practice at other major carriers in North America. 


1) The carrier should have digital consent/acknowledgement before paying third party companies and passing the charges onto the customer.  In practice at other carriers, a text message detailing the charge needs to be accepted on the mobile device.


2) The carrier needs to have a problem resolution process that involves investigation of unsolicited or fraudulent charges, where charges with third party companies can be reversed at no harm to both the customer and Rogers.  In practice at other carriers, carrier will investigate the issue with the third party company and relay the cost of the investigations back to the third party company.


3)The carrier should be able to put a stop to charges if the customer claims that the charges are fraudulent.


Can you please address whether Rogers will or will not revisit these policies and find ways to improve the policies to better protect its customers.


Thanks for your help, I look forward to your reply.

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Retired Moderator
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Re: Unauthorized Third Party Charges

A  two-step activation process is also required for Premium SMS, whether a subscription is initiated online or through a mobile device. Once confirmed, charges are applied for the messages until the thrid-party is asked to stop.


This said, our policies and offers are open to evolve and detailed comments like yours will definitely not fall on deaf ears. Our premium SMS management policy has already changed recently and we're always listening to what customers have to say.


Thanks again for your feedback!




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Re: Unauthorized Third Party Charges

@Rogers Nicolas. I know you are doing your job & all but at the same time if half of us did not put our numbers on those websites then i am sure Rogers can investigate it. I am sure they have the time to do this seeing as they are a multi billion dollar company in which is supposed to support the costumer & help them & not just grab their money. Even when you contact the message provider half of the times the claim its the service provider that needs to be contacted & not them. I have had issues like this many times & Rogers nor did the message provider did anything about it until i took legal action. Once Rogers heard i would take legal action against both Rogers & the Message provider Rogers auto looked into it without questions & seen that it was not made from my IP address or any ways to do with me. There should be ways to block them auto without having to pay extra or any rep denying to help you.

I thank you tho for trying to help us out & +1 rep for you for taking time & helping us 🙂
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Re: Unauthorized Third Party Charges

Hi Nicholas,


I'd just liked to clarify that the 'two-step activation process' you mentioned seems to imply that wireless users are almost always complicit to or approve of the services mentioned. Yet, this is perhaps the nature of the issue that Rogers has failed to address - the charges were 'unauthorized' by the abovementioned users. Otherwise, I, myself, am completely comfortable with paying for services ordered and rendered.  


While I appreciate your response and attention to the issue, please be mindful that many of us have gone through repeated interactions with Rogers Customer Service where we've either been accused of engaging in the service ourselves or had our concerns passed over to the third-parties appearing on our bill. The contact information Rogers provides for certain companies (i.e. PrizeKing) aren't actually the companies themselves but serves as an answering service for several other companies (i.e. they can also book dental appointments!). They are unable to access a client's usage history, provide proof of service activation or address complaints. The new option to limit third-party access is certainly an improvement but the vast majority of Rogers customers are still susceptible to third-party fraud - wherein Rogers will continue to expect its customers to pay for all charges appearing on their bill - whilst forwarding payment to the third-parties in question. In my view, continuing to reward unethical business practices does little resolve this systemic issue. 


Thanks for contributing to the discussion, Nicolas. I look forward and remain open to any other ideas or policies Rogers has to offer.

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Re: Unauthorized Third Party Charges

Sucessfully got my $90 back that I was wrongfully charged by (music Quiz) that we did not sign up for.  I filed a complaint with the ccts, and within 2 days got a call from the Office of the President of Rogers. Initially they offered me a 50% refund ($45) but I declined and stood my ground. They then said they would cover the full $90 and block all further third party charges. Thank you Rogers for coming good on this scam.

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Re: Unauthorized Third Party Charges

Wow! Makes me even more concerned with Rogers after my pitiful unauthorized international text charge under another thread. I have received a credit but they keep saying 'it's a one time thing". 


With the economy and increasing debt, I'm sure a lot of people are monitoring and scrutinizing their bills. Rogers needs to start being more transparent on the charges they list on bills.


If you're going to be charged 1 cent over your plan, you'd better list the reason for the charge and provide your users the number called or texted.  Servicers need to satisfy their CLIENTS/CUSTOMERS with details on charges. 


Example, you wouldn't pay a bill for a contractor who just billed you $100 for materials for cleaning your furnace without knowing what the heck costs $100?  So why wouldn't people be upset when you ding them for something that isn't listed directly on their bill. This..."you'll have to call Rogers" to find out what it is, is crap.


I'd say get an MP involved and advise them that consumer protection and consumer rights need to be addresssed to avoid more issues going to the costly services of an Omsbudman.



Just got off the phone with regards to unauthorized  Canada to/from Intl text charge of $0.35


ok...so it's only $0.35 but still,   I do not know anyone overseas that I text or call.   My cell phone log does not show any text to the number provided to me.


Apparently, Rogers does not list charges resulting from a number not covered by your plan. YOU have to PHONE them and find out. 

To me, this is WRONG.  It's NOT TRANSPARENT, and it's "Rogers word versus MY word".


If they are serious about nickel & diming us, it would be WISE to LIST what we're being charged for.


Apparently the number I text was 447-624-8071.  I googled that number (and just area code while she was talking) and it came up as Illinois...but then she said it was actually ENGLAND.   Unfortunately, I got flustered and didn't google the UK country code right away but after my call.   FYI, the UK country code is 44.


If you've been reading this and following.....I noticed that the number and country code are too LONG for it to be a country code.  If UK is 44, what phone number is 7624-8071?  Hmmmmmm....curious...again...he said/Rogers rep said.


After some research, google shows that 44 is the country code, "7" is a mobile, followed by the personal phone number.

Still.. I don't know anyone in the UK.. plus they said that I texted them?


I got my credit anyway but I have no family or friends overseas. Pretty much my friends and family are local in Metro Vancouver. I have no reason to text or call internationally or to the US anyway.


This also has only been my 2nd time I've had an unauthorized charge (first one was a call to a someone who was selling a food vendor card - according to google, WTF?)


When  you're plan is $20/mth plus gov't Regulatory Recover fee and HST, a small charge variance sticks out like a sore thumb.  Which is why I'm not on a pre-authorized payment plan. I'm not going to authorize payment if Rogers hasn't proved to me that they're not going to simply tack on additional charges without providing me details UP FRONT on my bill.


The rep also said that they can't even block international/US text messaging from the plan. It's all or nothing.  This I find ODD because I don't have a data plan but I do get messages stating this when I open my browser.


I have 1.5 more year left on my plan and I'm seriously thinking of going to Telus.

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Re: Unauthorized Third Party Charges

Wow it seems like everyone is going through the same problem...

I too got unexpected charges and Rogers does nothing about it.

I've been a loyal customer but no with all this stealing going on on my account, I really want to 

change my wireless provider.

How does Rogers and Buongiorno StarSecrets steal our money ? I have paid a $30 in three months , finally got a hold of the company and the rep said that they have unsubscribe me. We'll see if its true on my next bill.

Most of my friends that have dealt with Rogers in the past hate Rogers but I was always the one with positive things to say about Rogers however that has changed..

I too will be changing provider if all this scamming doesn't change.

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Re: Unauthorized Third Party Charges

I know the feeling.  This happened to me also.  The same accusation and my charges were $60 but a different quiz. (Trivia).  However, your and mine are the same company.  Rogers wont care about you.