Unauthorized Third Party Charges

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Rogers Employee lockdown2341
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Re: Unauthorized Third Party Charges

She probably subscribed to something within the app. In addition to one time purchases you can also choose to pay $X a month to subscribe to something that they offer.


Thing is, whether she meant to do it or not is irrelevant. When you're dealing with third party apps and charges, you cannot be billed anything without providing consent for it. Whenever I purchase something within an app I double check so I know exactly what I'm paying for and how much I'll be billed.


Also not much ROGERS can do since it isn't a service they provide. The third party charges ROGERS whatever amount you agreed to, and then ROGERS passes the charge to you to recoup the cost. If charges are waived, then they aren't recouping the money and then they are basically paying another company for something you bought and not getting anything in return for those specific charges.


Good luck in getting it resolved but it's most likely going to be resolved through the third party, and not through ROGERS.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Unauthorized Third Party Charges

I have read all the emails and have experienced the same problem with Rogers.  They will do nothing. My problem is different,.  I am getting Third Party Charges on my home telephone, where the calls are clearly from or to my

family or friends.  My question is this:  If Rogers is charging me $1.00 or $.25 per call or whatever, Rogers must be collecting this money for a third party.  Who is the third party?  I don't know who the "third party" is, but they must because they are collecting their money for them.  Why can't they tell me who the third party is.  Why doesn't

Rogers have control over their service?  The CRTC must take note of this.  Is it some scam where Rogers is keeping this money?  A few dollars from a million customers every month adds up. 

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Unauthorized Third Party Charges

Does Bell have the same problem?   Has anybody brought this to the news stations, Fifth Estate or anywhere. 

There is a lot of money being stolen.  It is obviously fraud.  Is Rogers taking a cut?


I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Unauthorized Third Party Charges

One thing I am not certain of.  I will NEVER have Rogers provide me cell phone service.  They have no control.  I

guess I should be glad these third party charges are TERROR related.

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Re: Unauthorized Third Party Charges

Good evening @debraspence,


Thank you for your contribution to the Community Forums!


You should technically have the ability to view the details of the charges billed on your invoice.

Do you normally get it online through MyRogers?

If it is the case, you may need to Download the detailed PDF version of your bill.


If you would like to stop being billed for Third Party Charges, you can have them blocked. 

  • Once requested, the changes to this setting are updated within 48 business hours.
  • Collect calls and third party billing are completely restricted when the block is in place.
  • You'll only be subject to any applicable charges if the block is removed.


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