Unauthorized Netflix Charges on my Rogers Bill

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Re: Unauthorized Netflix Charges on my Rogers Bill

FYI, Comcast customers are also experiencing similar problems of being double-billed for Netflix and they (Comcast) have posted the following on their support pages:


I imagine that Rogers/Netflix have a similar arrangement and are likely even using the same integration between their billing systems, so the same remediation actions would apply to Rogers customers as well.


One common problem to be aware of is accidentally signing up for an additional Netflix subscription on Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex while already having an existing Netflix subscription that is using a different method of payment. If this happens and you would like to cancel your Comcast-billed Netflix account, contact us. To cancel or request credits for any other Netflix accounts, contact Netflix support at netflix.com/help.

You would think that you should also be able to cancel a Rogers-billed Netflix account through Rogers.

Comcast also tells their TV customers, who are being double-billed, to sign out of Netflix on all of their devices.  Presumably this is to prevent a Comcast-billed account from getting created all over again.


If you have Ignite TV and are being double-billed, sign out of Netflix through your Ignite TV app on each and every one of your Ignite set-top boxes.  (Open the Netflix app, go the Home page, press the left arrow to access the menu, select "Get Help", then select "Sign out")  After you have done that, Reset Netflix on that set-top box.  (Press the "A" button on your remote, use the right arrow to scroll to "Reset Netflix")  Now work with Rogers to get the Rogers-billed Netflix account cancelled from the Rogers end.

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Re: Unauthorized Netflix Charges on my Rogers Bill

Excellent post! Now is the time to approach CBC Marketplace on this.