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Trying to Cancel Internet

I've been around

I live in NUNAVUT and have been trying to cancel my home internet service since August of 2023. I left my residence in Toronto without returning my equipment. I understand there is a charge for this but after numerous times trying to cancel my service, my internet bill keeps rising. And is now over 600 dollars. I have spoke with the loyalty department and not only do they refuse to lower the amount of my bill, they refuse to cancel my service. I have waited on hold with the cancellation department for hundreds of hours ( literally) since last fall and I am still paying for the service at a residence I haven’t live in for 7 months. I don’t know what to do, yesterday I tried again but after 2 hours on hold my call was disconnected as usually is the case here in NU where call dropping is very common. I’ve tried emails, chats, etc. and the last time I spoke with a person I was told the reason I couldn’t cancel is because my equipment wasn’t returned, then my call dropped. Help me please I am losing my mind.


Re: Trying to Cancel Internet


Good day @gambo10,


Thank you for posting, about your situation, to the Rogers Community! 


I'm sorry to learn your account cancellation did not go as smoothly as expected. We certainly want to help you shed some light on this matter.


To cancel your account, you can reach our customer relations department by dialing 1-888-ROGERS1(764-3771). Confirm your account by pressing 1, then select 4 for "Account changes", and then 5 to "Cancel a service".


To learn more on the return process for your Rogers equipment, please visit


Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions!



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