Tried to Transfer Account to new SIM

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Tried to Transfer Account to new SIM

Hi there,
So my old sim was very, very old and was starting to jam and be uncooperative so I ordered a new SIM and it arrived today. I looked up how to transfer my account to a new SIM and input the old ICCID and the new ICCID and updated it, and it didn't activate the new one. I tried turning it on and off again, restarting, taking the SIM out and putting it back it multiple times. It just won't recognize it and now my old SIM won't work either, which I knew was a part of the process but I was expecting the new SIM to be working. It is not working.



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Re: Tried to Transfer Account to new SIM

Greetings @lightgrave!


Welcome to our Community!


I am sorry to hear that you're having some difficulty in swapping SIMs! We try to make this process as seamless as possible but sometimes issues do arise.


If you're still unable to activate it, please send us a PM @CommunityHelps. We can activate the SIM card for you once we confirm your old and new SIM card numbers in private. 


If you're not familiar with how to PM, please follow this link for instructions: