Transferring Contract Responsibility Keeping Number

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Transferring Contract Responsibility Keeping Number

Hello Forums!

I just wanted to get some information regarding a transfer of contract i am trying to do.

I get the general idea, but just want a second pair of eyes to confirm and maybe provide some tips or suggsitons.


1. Got two phone plans currently with different flextabs attached (same end date different Flex Tab, Don't Ask =P)

2. Plan to transfer the contracts without the phones to some one else. (They are cool with it)

3. Doing this so i can apply for 2 better plans which i found still with Rogers.


Questions :

1. To transfer a contract, is this information correct?

2. The Flex tab stays with the contract?

3. Is there any possible way to transfer my phone number to the new contracts and if yes, how.

4. Are there any fees i should know about regarding a transfer?


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Re: Transferring Contract Responsibility Keeping Number

Hello @Lukerdc,


The transfer of responsibility is free of charge.


Keep in mind that whoever will take over your lines, will take over your phone numbers as well. There is no way of transferring the line without transferring the number attached to it.


Please note that your account must be up to date and the person taking over your account must also be approved for a credit evaluation.


Also, it is important to know that you will lose your account number and tenure, if you activate new lines after the transfer of the existing ones.


If the new lines are not activated before the other person’s takes over your current lines, you will have to go through a credit evaluation as well. 




I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Transferring Contract Responsibility Keeping Number

Okay, Point received.


I have heard of a rumor that if i activate two of my plans now an attached them to my current plan, i can swap the numbers around on the two existing numbers with the other two.

Essentially :

Plan A & B - original plan i am attemping to transfer.

Plan C & D - New plans i want.

I have all Plans ABCD in one account - > switch phone numbers for A to C and B to D - > Transfer Ownership of Plan A & B


Does that work?

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Re: Transferring Contract Responsibility Keeping Number

Would possibly yes...


Just curious though.. you are wanting to KEEP the phone you have? No new phone?

If its just the PLAN change.. there is NO tie with the contract, etc anymore for the plans.  Changing plans doesnt change contracts etc anymore.
You could change it every month now if you want.. no extra charges.

The only stipulation though, is each flex tab, will have a MINIMUM amount.. the $ value that the plan can not go under, to satisfy the flex tab payback.

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Re: Transferring Contract Responsibility Keeping Number

Why not just apply for these 'better' plans with your current lines and save the hassle? No reason why you can't get them, unless you're downgrading from a Premium Tab to Smart Tab. Seems it would be worth it to save the trouble because if you do a transfer of responsibility, you're gonna lose your numbers, bottom line.