Texting to a US Number

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Texting to a US Number

So, I was charged $0.40 per text to a friend, who lives in the US, but was in Canada when I was texting him.  I called Rogers to talk  about it, and was initially told that my plan included Unlimited Texting while in Canada, therefore, I was in Canada, and my friend was in Canada...although the Rep could not find anything to say I would or wouldn't be charged, he told me to call after I got my bill to discuss it.


I did, and was told that like with making a telephone call, a text to an international #, would result in a charge, even if that US# was using Canadian cell towers!  I asked for where this was policy was that I had agreed to, and was asked to basically Google it!  I did just that, and I also searched Rogers site, but alas, I cannot find this policy.


Does anyone know where I might find this policy?  Or give me direction if you have gone through this before?  Much appreciated!




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Re: Texting to a US Number



I would be happy to help. Smiley Happy

I understand that you have "Unlimited Canadian Wide Texting", However this would not apply to non Canadian Numbers. 

If you Text or Call a Non Canadian number you would be charged. 

The geographic location of that device would not be relevant. 


I hope this helps Smiley Wink




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Re: Texting to a US Number

You'll find that any carrier is like this.

Its always based on what the end number is.
You calling the end number, it has no clue WHERE it is, just that its a US number, so charges it appropriately.


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Re: Texting to a US Number

There are packages and rate plans that are ava. that included U.S and INT texting....

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Texting to a US Number

I'd like to know where this information is provided to customers, if it is a policy, then it must be written somewhere, if it is not a written policy, then how can you charge for this? Thanks
I'm a Trusted Contributor
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Re: Texting to a US Number

Not sure you will find policy on this HOWEVER, if you look at your invoice it should show details of your service - your should read something along the lines of:
unlimited text msg Canada to Canada. the per rate for US and International is normally not listed but standard rate for U.S text is .40/text
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Texting to a US Number

So, basically they can tell me about it after the fact...wonder what else is lurking on a phone bill! I'm fairly certain that this has to be explained, in detail before a person is charged these fees, we aren't talking about Roaming! I guess I'll have to contact the CRTC and/or Ombudsman. Thanks
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Re: Texting to a US Number

You can feel free..
But i hightly doubt anything would be done.

Anything that says canada wide calling, canada to canada, etc.. means calling canadian number to canadian number.
It doesnt have anything to do with phyical location,  it never had since the first cell phones came out.

If it did like you are thinking it should.. there would be MANY people getting many more charges all over the place who did not have canada wide calling, etc.
(EG:  Say my number is a toronto number.   I travel to ottawa.  Someone calls my number which is NORMALLY local call to them... but since i am in ottawa, it would be long distance to them)


There is a section in the acceptible terms of use policy.. which comes close.
Section 3, part h.

"Your “Incoming Local Calling Area” is

based on the geographical location associated with your

wireless number."

While this is not exact.. it sort of explains it.  The calling area.. who you can call as 'local' and who can call you as 'local' is defined by the geographical location of the NUMBER itself.
The number you call, where its geographical location of the NUMBER itself, is what defines HOW/WHAT the call is processed as.  (so in this case, a US number, so its classed as a US call).

This is the same for ALL carrier. Big or small. (unless they have a North america, etc calling plan, etc)


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Re: Texting to a US Number

A very good question to ask @Dlucas905

I apologize in advance for the confusion.
This isn't actually Policy.
However Policy does talk about "Terminating number" as @Gdkitty referred to it as "end number".

This isn't policy for legality, this is technical policy of switches. (Policy as in, Program and Executable rules  for Switches)

Which is in the same rules and regulation of long distance.


If the terminating number is outside of canada - a US number, the signal (and in your case message) is sent to the US, switch first. (Which charges you), then it bounces back to 'last known location' of the cell phone your friend has, goes to that tower (if outside of USA it charges him unless he has a roaming plan), and then he/she receives it.

You can be standing beside each other, but the message travels to the USA first regardless.

It doesn't travel from your phone to the tower to his/her phone.


It always needs to go to the switch and go to the original switch; whereever geographically the location of that number is tied to. the first six digit controls that. Example: 905 - 999 - 0000
905 is the area code, the 999 is the region code and 0000 is the Identification code.
(It's actually called something else, I forgot the actual names for them).


Hope this helps.


Bottom line, you were correctly charged as per how cellular technology works but I can understand you felt wronged especially after not being given a proper explanation the first time.

 And seriously? "Google it" <-- I would laugh at that myself - silly really.


But thank you for seeking help here! We are delighted to help you!

Also the new Value packs are $5 that already include Unlimited US/INTL SMS and preferred rates to call those numbers as well. (Note: MMS is not included, they are going to be Pay per use).


New Value Pack $5 includes these features:

Name Dispaly (You must already have Call Dispaly* in your plan)
Visual Voice Mail -35 Messages (iPhone) or Voicemail to Text (SmartPhones - Can include iPhone if prefer SMS)

Unlimited International and USA SMS

Preferred Rates for International and USA (Preferred Calling Rates)

Who Called


*Call Display must be in your plan already - New Shareverything plans already do.

If you have older plan, that you must add Call display for $5 if you haven't already.


Hope this helps a lot.



I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Texting to a US Number

I know this is an post, but I totally agree that users should not be charged unless it is clear to them that they will be charged. There should be a verification text (or some other notification) that you tick (or close) to acknowledge that you are aware of the charge should you choose to continue -- with an option to back out. Not some policy buried in thousands and thousands of words in micetype that allows companies to charge what they want. It's a deceptive practice.