Texting Issue after Porting In Number

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Texting Issue after Porting In Number

Hi there,

I used to work for another carrier so I'm familiar with porting and possible errors and it seems my husband and I have one happening, when we text it's not going through (I've got an Android phone and he had an iPhone).

Last night it was sending my message back to myself and the same for him.

Is there a port team or a port self serve # to call to complete the port and resolve the issue? I don't like to call customer care if it's something I can easikynresolvr.



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Re: Texting Issue after Porting In Number

Hello @New2RCI,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! =)


Thank you for posting your concern in the Community. I can imagine how concerning it is not being able to send/receive Text messages to your Husband now that your number has been ported in.


Are you able to send/receive Text messages to other numbers without issues or does it only seem to happen when you send Text messages to each other? Are you able to receive calls on your ported line? When you are making an outbound call does the correct number appear in the call display of the device you are calling?


Keep us posted and if needed we can investigate this further on our end without the need to call into Customer service.


We look forward to your response!