Terrible company practice at Rogers

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Terrible company practice at Rogers

I was going to get a phone with you guys and and had put a 200 dollar deposit you requested from me.  But my previous provider had agreed to keep me on my grandfather plan with a new phone at a reasonable price.  So i decided to cancel that order with you guys (and now im even more glad i did).  


But now its been over 2 weeks and i still havn't recieved a refund for a phone i never even recieved.  And now after waiting on hold for an hour to be told that apparently a case had been opened 2 weeks ago, yet the person on the phone told me it takes 7 business days for the case to complete and the case is still open (if you do your math 2 weeks is 9 business days).  And now i have to wait 4-6 weeks to fully "investigate" an account that was closed for a deposit on a  phone i never even recieved in the first place.  How hard is it to figure that out?  I just want my $200 deposit refunded back for my deposit without any runaround.  


This is  beyond ridiculous.



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Re: Terrible company practice at Rogers

Good evening @Alsta,



Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I'm sorry for the negative experience you had since the moment you requested the activation of your service with us. Please accept my apologies on behalf of Rogers, we sincerely wish to make things better and address your concerns. We always try to do everything in our power to provide excellent customer service, and for that reason we would love to help you by taking additional measures, for a prompt resolution of your issue.


Would you please send us a private message @CommunityHelps when you are online next time, thank you. 

Our private messaging system is explained in this blog