Switching to Infinite means Downgrade fees??

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Switching to Infinite means Downgrade fees??

Has anyone else experienced this? I have 3 share everything lines. 2 of them are coming up for upgrades. I went to the store to price out switching to Infinite. I was told I would be charged a $400 approx down grade fee on my third line for the device balance. I just added this line a year ago! Can I not just roll that into my new plan? Im willing to spend more money on 3 lines per month on top of buying 2 new phones. Can something not be done with this to help people switch??
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Re: Switching to Infinite means Downgrade fees??

Wonder if it might be a bit of a miss communication of what the actual fee is?

With the phones for the last.. has to be a good 5 years?  When you get a new phone upgrade, it may be at 0$ it may be at 99$, etc.  This doesnt mean the phone is 0$.. this means that the $800 phone, they are giving you for 0 upfront, essentially giving you an $800 loan.   In the cost of your plan, your paying $800 / 24 months = 33.33 back to that loan.
So the one phone, which is only a year old.. probably has half of its device balance left.. coming to $400 odd??

Now, to switch to the infinite plan, AS IS (the $75, the $95, etc), that is at that price, a NO DEVICE SUBSIDY price.  So you would have to pay the remaining device balance to get the plan as is.

You can switch over to the equivalent plans, that do contain a device subsidy.   They just cost more, as your paying that device subsidy back / month.  The amount may vary, based on what type of subsidy your currently running (there are different levels).
For my wife, it was a horizontal move for us.. She was on a 7g (4+bonus or something like that) plan and always coming close.. horizontal move price wise moved us to a 20g+  but thats at over $100/m due to paying the subsidy, not the list price.

Now the NEW ones, new renewals.. should go under the edge financing I believe.  where its not different levels of plan, etc.  Plan price is plan price.. and then hardware price / 24 months tacked ontop.