Service Technician Feedback - Compliment

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Service Technician Feedback - Compliment

I had hoped for an email feed back request after January 17/19 when Rogers had sent out a technician to do repairs to my service. 

So I will use this format now to express my thanks to Simiran S. for his excellent technical knowledge, his patience with all my questions and providing me with answers and sound advice on how to best use my services.

I was so impressed with how well he worked on the repairs. There was no fumbling around, he was efficient and tidy.

He even straightened out my carpet after it had been moved so that he could get to the cable outlet behind the TV.

Mr. Singh took ownership of the technical problems I was having and was one of the most respectful and efficient technicians to ever come into my home.

He is what every technician’s standards of best practices ought to be. Mr. Singh makes Rogers a top notch company!

Thank you!!




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Re: Service Technician Feedback - Compliment

Good evening @luna,


Thank you for your post! We appreciate that you took the time to bring this up to our attention.


Recognizing the work of someone who went above and beyond is important and we are grateful you let us know. Please click here to Send a Compliment.


We'll always do everything we can to identify and recognize any employee you believe deserves praise.