Separate Sim Card on Same Number for Data

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Separate Sim Card on Same Number for Data

Trying to find out if the old info on this has changed - my car can take a SIM card for data usage, so can I get a second SIM card for my existing Rogers mobile phone account? Pairing the phone doesn’t always work and I don’t want to have a separate account/phone number etc., just want to avoid swapping out existing SIM card.




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Re: Separate Sim Card on Same Number for Data

if you get another sim card for your car, you would have to ADD it as a new line to your account. you would have to ask Rogers if you can "share" your data bucket with a new sim card which would have its own number and you would pay an additional monthly fee for.

its the same concept for people who have those lte tablets, some times if ur plan is not sharable you would need the new sim/line to have its own data bucket, the only way to find out is to call a customer service rep and ASK. cus it depends on your current plan and if they offer such feature and we dont know what plan you have.