Selling a PVR

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Selling a PVR

We own a second Motorola DCX3510 unit which we have no use for. We'd like to get a couple bucks for it. I assume we need to remove or disassociate it from out account first. How do we go about that? If we call support, what exactly am I asking them to do (ie whats the correct terminology)? Thanks.




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Re: Selling a PVR

Hello @BFlow

I have sold and bought a few PVRs from online. All you need to do is contact customer support or tech support and ask then to remove the serial number from your account. If they ask why, you can tell them that you are planning on selling the unit or giving it to a neighbor. Doesn't matter what you tell them as long as the Serial number is removed from the account it's connected too.

After that phone call, call back to make sure it's been removed from the account and free from any accounts. Also make sure you do a factory reset on the PVR as well. It's in the settings option - troubleshoot /factory reset. That way u can go ahead with the sale. Smiley Happy
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Re: Selling a PVR



I developed the following list for purchasing a set top box in Ontario.  It applies to Atlantic Canada too (except that Atlantic uses Motorola), so you'll know what to expect as a seller.


1. Call Rogers with the name of the seller and the STB number before purchase. This is to ensure that it's not a rental and is properly in Rogers system (as a third-party STB) and is allowed by Rogers. Have the seller show the STB in operation if possible. This is especially important if it's a PVR because the iHDD could be bad. If they can't demo, then the price should reflect that.

2. Ensure the seller deactivates the STB or tells Rogers they're selling it so that you can then activate it.

3. You must call Rogers when you get the STB home to authorize it.

4. You must have the cable properly connected and a good signal to the STB for it to function/boot.

5. Sometimes another call by the seller is required after the buyer has the STB in his possession and is trying to activate it (due to Rogers Computer issues - there must be some difference between the "check" and the "activate" steps in Rogers' computer system). Sometimes, if you call to activate, and the CSR says the box has not been deactivated, if you know the seller has made the call, if you insist that it has been deactivated, the CSR will often activate the STB without another call by the seller.

6. You cannot use a STB that is not a Rogers Atlantic STB.

7. In the event you wish to incorporate the STB into a WHPVR (Whole Home PVR) setup, a truck roll (service call) will likely be required.

8. Sometimes we get questions about "moving" a STB from one subscriber to another without calling Rogers. This is against the Terms of Service with Rogers, they can find out (monitoring location), and both people could be in trouble with Rogers.

9. Note that there are some smaller Rogers areas in Ontario that utilize Motorola STBs. In those cases you need to purchase the correct Motorola STB(s) and it doesn't have to be a Rogers box, but beware of scam sellers. You cannot use SA/Cisco in a Motorola area, or vice versa.

10. If the seller is not a "customer in good standing" (bills all paid, etc.), then Rogers may have a lien against the STB, so calling Rogers before purchase, as discussed in point one, is very important.

11. Digital Terminals (DTA-50) are usually considered rentals and should not be bought/sold