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Samsung s20 ultra pricing concerns

I'm Here A Lot

does anyone know why there is a massive discrepancy in pricing between retailers for the s20 ultra? Rogers lists the phone for $2300 and best buy/staples lists the price for $1599. Are they different models?


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Re: Samsung s20 ultra pricing concerns


Hello @amurr,


Thanks for sharing your concerns with the rest of the community as I'm sure you are not the only one looking for some clarification. 🙂


Regretfully, we can only speak for ourselves with regards to the pricing of the S20 Ultra device. I'd recommend that you reach out to any third parties to confirm the breakdown of their pricing model to be certain.


For Rogers, the regular retail price of the S20 Ultra is indeed $2300. This should be the case for other retailers as well.


If you order the device with us on our Financing option, it would work out to be $95.83/month for 24 months, HOWEVER, we are presently offering a limited time promotion which gives you a monthly bill credit of $40.84/month for 24 months and you will only have to pay $54.99/month for the duration of your agreement. This promotional discount is good as long as you do not cancel your account, upgrade your device or pay off the full device balance before the end of the 24 month period.


We also have our Upfront Edge program which will help to reduce the cost of the S20 Ultra even further, however, you would need to agree to return the device in good physical and working condition during the final month of the 24 month. With Upfront Edge, the current cost is $78.49/month and then it is further reduced to $37.66/month (after the same limited time promotion is applied, as outlined above). For more information on Upfront Edge and to see if you qualify, please click here to view our FAQs.


Kind regards!




Re: Samsung s20 ultra pricing concerns

I've Been Here Awhile

Current prices on Rogers website for:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 128GB Grey $2,300
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G 128GB Black or Blue $2,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 5G 128GB Grey or Blue $1,650

Current prices on Samsung's Canadian website (

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 128GB Grey or Black $1,599.99
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G 128GB Black or Blue $1,329.99
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 5G 128GB Grey or Blue $1,119.99

Why such a huge discrepancy in prices??

Re: Samsung s20 ultra pricing concerns

I've Been Around
I'm also concerned about this. Although I already got this offer with them, I am considering reporting them to the consumers association for the false advertising and misleading customers

Re: Samsung s20 ultra pricing concerns

I'm sorry but your reply did not address the issue people are having with the price discrepancies.  2300 dollars for the price of the Galaxy S20 Ultra at Rogers and 1549 dollars at the Canadian Samsung retail website.  That's a HUGE difference and implies that Rogers is making a resale profit off the phone and the service contract.  Why doesn't Rogers offer the phone at cost seeing as they really make their money from the service contract?  Thinking of changing my provider unless there is a clear answer given.

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