Rogers terminating my services

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Rogers terminating my services

I received a letter in the mail from the Office of the President at Rogers stating my account is no longer serviceable for Rogers as there have been too many inquiries and credits on the account. I have 4 lines on the account and all have device balances on them at around $600 each. I also have an account balance of about $500. When I talked to the rep. he said Rogers will be taking care of all these fees for me. Just wondering if anyone else has ever come across this. Should I have escalated this?

I have already started the process of porting my numbers over to Telus. (Managed to score a deal for 3 lines on their unlimited plans with 20-15-15 discount on them. This works out to $55, $60, and 60$ for the 3 lines.


Maybe I can clear up some reasons for multiple calls to Rogers. One of the main reasons was multiple credits were promised to the account "on the next billing cycle". Of course these credits never showed up on the account and I would have to go through hoops with multiple attempts and reaching multiple agents to finally have said credits put on the account. 

Another issue I had was with Brightstar. Brightstar refused to FIX my phone note i was not trying to replace it. The reason they had was I did not have proof of purchase. I had to call Rogers multiple times and find various proofs of purchases which ultimately did not suffice for Brightstar. I bought the phone from Rogers and got the device protection when I bought the phone.... This led to multiple back and forth calls to Rogers and Brightstar. Ultimately I was told my best option may be to replace device from Apple and I was promised the difference from Rogers. Once I did this I was supposed to receive a call back from Rogers to see the progress. This did not happen. I had to call Rogers again over and over because they did not know what I was talking about and magically lost traces of the call with that agent. Eventually I did get to someone competent enough to understand the entire situation and they asked for a receipt from Apple and I provided it. They ended up crediting me the difference. 

There was also an incident where I inquired about adding a phone line. I did not go through with it and I said I wanted to think about it. The next day I receive a SIM card in the mail and I looked into my Rogers account and there was a new line on the account. I was LIVID. I called in and usually I am very calm and nice on the phone. This incident was different. They ran a credit check without my approval and they added a line on my account without my approval. Of course this led to multiple calls as well. In the end the last agent I got completely understood where I was coming from and understood why this was unacceptable. He offered 1 year worth of services on all my lines for free (approx. $3200). Am I wrong for accepting this, should I not be compensated for Rogers screw ups, or should I be like the majority of Rogers Customers and just take it and say what can you do?

Regarding credits, about 70% of the credits given to me were rightfully owed to me. The other 30% were considered good will credits. Any rep could simply say no but if your nice enough they have no reason to. Is this really a problem? Why would anyone that has a chance of saving money and bringing down a balance or having a credit balance not do so. 

Now I have multiple stories like this where one issue leads to 10-20 phone calls because I am not able to address the issue with one phone call (whether it be dropped calls, incompetent reps, or the call needs a follow up call after an action.) I can easily see how I reached over 100 calls within a year if one issue requires 10 phone calls. What Rogers should be looking into is why they received so many phone calls and how to solve issues within one phone call. They should not just be booting customers with issues off their contracts. All in all I don’t really mind though as I got an amazing plan, saved about 2 months’ worth of services, and got out of 4 contracts 1 and a half years early.
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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers terminating my services

That seems weird, they offer customer support to customers so they shouldn't be terminating services because you used it. If that the case then they should adopt the bad business model of charging per phone call after you used up a number of support calls.


You sure you didn't just behave badly with support ? they're are just people trying to make a living like the rest of us and shouldn't have to put up with abuse.


If that's not the case, maybe talk to some one in legal, like a lawyer or the BBB about it, as I am sure it not allowed without proper reasons such as abuse. 

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Re: Rogers terminating my services

Good evening @187onthe,


Thank you for your detailed account of events. I understand you have had issues with your account in the past and that is why the credits and adjustments were applied for.


The process where a customer is invited to change service provider is in fact in place. However, your account must meet some requirements before this drastic measure is taken.


Are you currently dealing with a dedicated Office of the President advisor, whenever you need to discuss your account with Rogers?


It should be the case. The advisor assigned to your account should have provided you with their contact phone number and email, in the instance where you wish to discuss this matter further. You could therefore bring it up to their attention if you're thinking of escalating higher.


Thank you for understanding!