Rogers plan change mishap yesterday

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Re: Rogers plan change mishap yesterday

Took some time, but for now my problem looks to be resolved. My old plan is gone forever but for the next two years I have something that is equivalent.
Maybe I'll find someone else's 6gb plan to take over 24 months from now!
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Re: Rogers plan change mishap yesterday

I had a question, I have/had a grand fathered in contract which recently expired in February. Nobody has called or contacted me from Rogers regarding re-upping my contract.
I was wondering now if I go month to month then can Rogers change my contract without my consent?
I'm worried if I call in they'll give me the line of "your contract is no longer offered... and we'll have to switch you to a new contract".
Any advise would be great
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Re: Rogers plan change mishap yesterday



If your contract expired in February you're already month-to-month.


No, your contract cannot be changed without your consent. You can only be placed onto a contract when upgrading to a new device.


Not everyone gets contacted regarding re-upping the contract; a list of people to be called is made and put basically on a dialer.


Unless you get a new phone they won't need to change you to a new contract.

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Re: Rogers plan change mishap yesterday

The exact same thing happened to me about a month ago. I contacted Rogers about adding txt to my phone. I've been on a grandfathered plan for awhile now which includes 6gb data for $35 and EPP plan for $17. I was told that since my plan was old, they can't add anything to it. My only option is to switch to a share everything plan which is way more expensive! At that point, I said forget it. I'll keep my old plan.


Same day, I received a call from the agent I was speaking to originally and told me he changed my plan! From a $65/month to $90/month! I told him to put back my old plan since I didn't agree to this. He said he can't. They opened a case file for me and was told they'll try to put it back. Called them a few times to follow up on my case but was told they're still trying to fix it. I was given hope.


Many phone calls later after 1 month, finally they said they tried their best but since my plan was really old, the system doesn't even recognize it, they can't put it back! My only only is the more expensive plan.


I asked to speak to a manager. I was put on hold many times before I was able to speak to one. Finally, spoke to the manager. What they offered me was to credit the difference between the old plan and new plan for 1 yr! That's the best he can do. He would have to credit me the amount manually himself. So he said he set a reminder to himself to do it month to month. Rogers is getting rid of these grandfathered plan slowly.


Should I consider changing carriers? Maybe Rogers don't care about their customers that much. Being a Rogers customer for more than 15yrs, I don't feel appreciated. I'm disappointed.



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Re: Rogers plan change mishap yesterday

Hello @sflores

Changing carriers will not do anything sadly as all carriers will do the same. If the plan is old, the system will not let them change it back or even retrieve it sadly. The manager did try to offer you something which is better then what most get as a discount. So i would say take it and make ur mind up after the 1yr is up of the discount.

My buddy was with Bell which he had the 6GB $35 plan. Just 2 months ago he called in to get some info and the rep accidentally changed the plans and he had to contact Bell and speak to a manager to get a deal that would be similar. Ended up getting something similar to yours. Mistakes do happen and the rep called you back to let you know the mistake he did and opened up a case to see if they could somehow fix it. The manager tried helping you with a discount towards the difference for 1yr. I would say take it but again its your choice.
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Re: Rogers plan change mishap yesterday

Hmm It seems these 'accidental plan changes' are happening way too often! Something is wrong here! I am beginning to thinks these 'accidental' changes are purposeful! A way to UP the Cost of the Plans! Then a Rep says, ' Oops, a mistake! Sorry'! Not!! Just a way to cheat customers and get their promotions! Now, that makes more sense than these 'accidents'! These so-called 'accidental' plan changes are unacceptable and there are no excuse for them! None!