Rogers plan change mishap yesterday

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Re: Rogers plan change mishap yesterday

I'm a Rogers customers from last 7 years. But what happened with me yesterday is unbelievable. I called Roger's customer care to inquire about getting a deal for wireless plan for my wife. My wife is currently with virgin mobile and her contract is going to expire by the end of this month. So, I thought that if Rogers can give a better deal to my wife I'll move her from virgin mobile to Rogers. The lady representative told me differrent options and at the end I told her that Roger's plan is not good enought to let her move from virgin mobile to Rogers. So, that's the end of talk. At night I got an email from Roger confirming change of my plan. I thought that they made a mistake so I called in the morning to Rogers again and told them about all the discussion and the email and I told them that I never authroize  or said yes to any plan. I was surprised to see the response of Roger's representative afterwards I told them the entire incidence. They told me that my plan is no longer vaild and they can't give me my old plan and I've to pay $10 more every month. I was totally stunned by the reply. The lady representative in the morning said that I've still 17 moths to go with the contrat with Rogers and she offered my credit of $60 and told me that near to New Year there are more promotional deal so I should call at that time and get a deal again. But why should I be burdened to approve the new plan when I never authorize the plan. Why I need to request Rogers near to New year to give me a better deal again?  What's my mistake? The only mistake I did is that I called Roger to inquire about the plan to get my wife in the Roger Family. OMG !! I can't never imagine that a simple call can turn such a headache for me. After spending 40 minutes in the morning talking with Roger representative and urging them to restore my plan back turn to the deaf ear. I got utter frustration and waste of my time as a reward for getting more business for Roger and loyal customer to them.


I'm still waiting for appropriate response from Rogers and I'm not ready to accept anything but to restore back to my old plan and an apology from Roger.

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Re: Rogers plan change mishap yesterday

May be something you have to try and escalate.. you can do that by starting through the CONTACT US section on the site.

The system usually wont allow any restoring of old plans.. grandfathering while they are on there.. but can not RE ADD them.. it just wont allow it.

That being said.. they should be able to FIX something else.. at least give you a new one, with a price reduction to be the same as the old, etc.

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Re: Rogers plan change mishap yesterday

parm73, this is a user to user forum and you won't see any Rogers reps who can help you. You should go to Rogers on Facebook and/or Twitter and air your concerns. Posting there will get a Response from Rogers because far more people will see it.

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Re: Rogers plan change mishap yesterday

This seems to be happening more and more frequently. It's inaccurate, however, to say that they absolutely CAN'T re-add an old plan. Most of the reps will swear up and down that there's absolutely NO WAY to revert a plan that was changed in error, and they will try to sell you on a newer (and more expensive) plan. The truth is that they can do it, but not the rank-and-file reps, and you have to escallate your complaint and bounce around a bit before it can happen. 


What happened recently with me was that I was finally out of my contract period. I looked at a corporate provider offered through my workplace. I called up Rogers and said, either match the offer or I'd like to cancel. After a lot of hemming and hawing and time spent on hold, the rep came back on and offered me more data and minutes for the price I was currently paying. I asked three times to be DOUBLY SURE... the SAME PRICE I am paying now? Yes. My bill next month will be for the SAME AMOUNT I am paying now? Yes. It will be exactly X dollars per month, plus taxes? Yes. 


So the rep went agead and made the change. The she read me the "new amount" for my bill. I said, "No. That's 15 dollars a month MORE than I am paying now." She said, "Hold on" and "bear with me." After more hemming and hawing and mad typing on her end and a five minute wait on hold, she came on and said, "I'm really sorry about this. When I said it was the same price, I mean before your existing discount. You had a really old monthly credit on your account that I didn't see. It is the same base price, but unfortunately, the credit you had before has been discontinued and I can't add it back on."


At this point, she started talking in circles and repeating herself (which I hate). We had a brief disagreement over what "the same price you're paying now" means. She apologized for "the confusion" (her words -- there was not confusion on my end) but kept saying over and over there was nothing she could do. She kept insisting that - technically - she had kept her word and offered me the same price, but without the discount. Her supervisor was apologetic, but again, kept insisting absolutely nothing could be done to restore the $15 a month credit I had been receiving. "It can't physically be done" and "It's gone from the system and there's no way to restore it" and on and on. She (the supervisor) graciously offered to cancel my service if that's what I really wanted, but went into a long pitch first about how I would still be getting a "great deal" even with paying the $15 a month extra. Yeah, right. 


Well, I escallated matters to the Office of the President, and the guy who called me back agreed with me that it was outrageous that they had told me I would be getting a "new plan at the same price" and jacked it up $15 by the end of the conversation. He apologized profusely, wanted the interaction numbers for everyone I had dealt with, offered me a not insignificant bill credit, and told me there would be no charge if I still wanted to cancel. A day later, I got a call from someone in the "backend office" or some such (I think this a catchall name for a few different departments) who - surprise, surprise - arranged to restore my account to the plan I had had before the whole debacle, which was something the rep and her supervisor had sworn up and down could not be done, that the system didn't allow it. 


Bottom line... never settle for that story, i.e. that they "can't restore" a former plan/credit even if they do remove it through their own error. It CAN be done; they just don't like to and will arrange it only grudgingly and only if you have some leverage. 

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Re: Rogers plan change mishap yesterday

I think that's the key, as was talking through a similar with another user.

The front end reps, and their managers, etc.. Can't. They do not have access to it, via the menus, systems available to them.

For it to happen, would have to be escalated to higher, where a more back end person somehow likely manually has to change something on the back end to fix it.

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Re: Rogers plan change mishap yesterday

On July 9th I called Rogers Wireless to ask about getting an upgrade. I was told that the phone I wanted was $199 outright, but I could do it for $0 on a 24m contract.
I agreed to do that, and then changed a couple other things along the way.
Before I got off the phone, I got a text saying something along the lines of changing my voicemail password. I inquired about why i got that text because I didn't have voicemail. He said it just reset everything when he did the upgrade but would remove the voicemail.
I was still a bit confused but said thank you and carried on my way.
I checked my email a few hours later and see that he changed my plan, TWICE. First he changed it to a 2gb plan, and then to a 3gb plan for $90 a month.
I previously had a $60 6GB plan that I had for at least 5 years.

I called them back immediately and asked to speak to the loyalty department. The man I spoke with told me that he would reverse it to my old plan and that the agent I spoke to earlier in the day would be spoken to as what he did was in no way okay.

Three days later, today I noticed that I still had the $90 plan.
I called to inquire and was told by a lady in the loyalty department that the previous man had sent a letter to the higher ups asking to have my now grandfathered plan put back on my account. They came back saying it wasnt possible. (And no one called me to let me know that either)

So, now, not only do I not get the upgrade to the new phone, because I don't have a high enough priced plan, I also have no option but to cancel or pay the loyalty plan price of $79 for the 6GB data plan(minus $5 for 12 months that the lady was able to give me). How is that at all fair to me? I never agreed to changing my plan, and am now having to suffer because of someones elses ignorance.

I had 5 months left on my previous contract, and was signed up for a new 2 year contract that I did not agree to. I was told I would have to re-sign, but never told that I would have to pay $30 more per month for less.. I would never have agreed to that, because I never planned on ever changing my plan, ever.

I'm under the impression that I was in a legal contract and then signed up for a new legal contract without my consent.
This is not right. Companies like this should not be able to do these things



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Re: Rogers plan change mishap yesterday

Hello @kerriliane,


I am sorry to hear about the negative experience you had and unwanted changes that were made to your account. Although it is very difficult to switch back to a grandfathered plan, I will have someone from @CommunityHelps PM you to see if there is anything that can be done to resolve this. Please keep an eye on your inbox for a PM. 





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Re: Rogers plan change mishap yesterday

For any $0 or redeuced fee for any phone, a hardware subsidy, will cause a new contracts (2 years max now).
For a good majority of new phones, that does require a specific $ value of plans (to help counter the device subsidy on most phones, as via the CRTC are forced down to a two year instead of spreading it over 3)


Unfortunately that does remove things like the $60 6g plan out from the runnings 😞

BUT.. the rep who set everything up for you, should have known/explained those things.
IF you were getting the subsidy on the phone.. that it would force a plan change.

But IF you do buy the device outright (no sibsidy) then you should be able to grandfather a plan on.

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Re: Rogers plan change mishap yesterday

If I was told that, I would never ever have taken the upgrade.
My phone still works great, so it wasnt out of necessity that I was changing.
I'll be calling back today to follow up if any action has been taken against the rep who changed everything without my consent.

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Re: Rogers plan change mishap yesterday

Hello @kerriliane

Unfortunately you won't be told what action or what will happen to the rep. That isn't for public to know and it's also considered a private talk with their manager. All the manager will tell u is they will be talking to the rep or have talked to the rep. That's all. They won't tell u anything else.

I have been many times in your situation and so I know how it feels when reps are changing things without ur consent and also not knowing what they are talking about at all. This happens I noticed with many companies, not just Rogers. It seems they don't train them as much as they should be