Rogers not honoring a promised credit

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Rogers not honoring a promised credit

June 26, 2019 went to the Rogers at Tillsonburg store to purchased a sim card with data plan for my already owned phone.

Was upsold to a Samsung s10 with 10gb unlimited plan and a free tablet for a 2 yr contract.


Was made to wait 2 hours in the store and had to go home and get my passport and other documents to prove my identity when I was told my Ontario drivers license and medicare card from Quebec was not good enough.

The stories told to me was all false as they lied to me, due to them thinking i was committing fraud because I moved to Ontario from Quebec!!!??


Was told I would get a free 1st month credit on my phone for the inconvenience of waiting so long and having to go through the hassle just to get a simple line for a phone.


paid my activation fees for phone and tablet.

did not pay for the first month bill as i was owed a credit but paid for the next month and the month after that.



I still have not been given the credit owed

Rogers is billing me late fees

My billing still is not reflective of my payments made in the past

They intermittently cut/throttle my internet access (which my phone is critical for use with work, mail, tethering, etc)


When i call phone support i am told that nothing relayed to me in the store was entered in any support history and that i have to go back to the store and deal with the matter there.


The store knows full well of the issue that is occurring and have yet to help me as all I here is they are waiting for the head office, DSM is aware of the issue... 3 MONTHS??? 


Now I am not able to cancel my contract??

have a phone with no internet access so i can't be mobile and work


What is going ROGERS???



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Re: Rogers not honoring a promised credit

Hey @Radiance76


I can certainly appreciate where your levels of frustration are coming from, especially if you've been given a particular set of information. If the credit was promised from store level than the previous agents you've spoken to are correct in that the store would have to administer the resolution. I do hope they're able to resolve this issue for you soon.


In addition, do note that setting up an account requires two valid pieces of government issued identification and a healthcare card is not considered a valid form of government issued ID for use outside of medical stations.


If your data is currently suspended, I would definitely recommend reaching out to our Credit Operations department "here

Alternatively you can reach out via phone at 1-800-268-7815.

Their hours of operations are as follows:

Monday to Friday: 7:00 am - midnight ET

Saturday: 7:30 am - 9 pm ET

Sunday: 7:30 am - 6 pm ET

In regards to cancelling the contract, this is entirely possible. However, as you have been provided with device subsidies, you would be required to pay off the balance of those devices to end the term. Touching on your final point, in the event of a credit/amount dispute, you would still be responsible for paying your monthly service fees or late fees would be applied, as agreed to in our terms of service.


I hope you're able to come to a reasonable conclusion in a timely manner.

All the best.



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Re: Rogers not honoring a promised credit

Hi everyone. I brought my iphone 11 pro max(64gb) on Black Friday deal, it was supposed to be on infinite plan with 10gb High speed data, with that i got Sonos speakers and an ipad free, i was supposed to pay for ipad for 2 months with was $28 after taxes and from third month i was supposed to get that money back in my next bill. My monthly bill was supposed to be $115 with taxes plus $28 for ipad (2 months).
My first bill was $185, so i went to store and inquired about my bill, the manager said i have to pay for ipad as it was never free and the plan was never supposed to be on 10gb to get a free ipad, i have to migrate to 20gb which would cost me around $190 per month or else i can pay off my whole phone amount and cancel my Rogers account. This is really unsatisfying as now where is was supposed to pay $115 per month, now am stuck at paying $180 per month for an ipad which I didn't really wanted.

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Re: Rogers not honoring a promised credit

Hello @Sarthak1,


Welcome to the Community!


I can imagine how inconvenient unexpected charges can be. I would recommend you to review the email you would've received upon activation of the two devices for details on the monthly billing. It provide you a break down of what the monthly charges would look like moving forward.


In order for me to provide you details on the right offer I would need to access your account. Since the Community is a public platform, I would recommend you to reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps for further assistance. Please check our blog if you require assistance with the private messaging.