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I've Been Here Awhile
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Rogers new service

I got new service installed from Rogers - Internet and Home Monitoring.


Its just 8 days and i feel, I have been taken for a ride.


May 1 - improper installation , not working correctly,


On top Bill sent to me, with wrong wordings.


Call centre says , they cannot do anything about it.


I really dont know, what to do


or i would have to live with all this for 2 years, its only 8 days


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Re: Rogers new service

Good evening @Parora,


Thank you for your post & Welcome to the Forums!


Please accept my apologies on behalf of Rogers if the installation/activation of your services did not go as planned. We sincerely wish to make things better and address your concerns.


What is the issue with the wording on your invoice?

Did we make a spelling mistake in your name? I could certainly have this rectified for you.


Are your services back up and running? Or are you still having technical issues with your Internet or Smart Home Monitoring?


Looking forward to your reply! Smiley Wink



I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Rogers new service

Hi Moude


I have started another conversation, but for your convenience, I am pasting here my other post, which would reply, about my problems and solution provided to me:



I decided to move from Bell to Rogers and this seems to be the biggest mistake of life,


I placed 100 MBPS Internet order along with smart home monitoring,  


No confirmation number given, was told not necessary,,after that i called thrice, no info provided  ( Normally a mail should be sent to consumer with final pricing details ), nothing provided, till date


on May 1, services were installed:


Technician wa s in hurry, installed left and i getting speed of 40 - 50 MBPS , on a 100 MBPS plan and on top wi fi not reaching everywhere. even ethernet connection shows 55 MBPS speed.


I logged a call, an other tehnician came on May 13 and it was shock:


he came with workorder to downgrade the modem and refused to test anything else, or check where it would be good,, 


'stated he has another call, and he just have instructions to downgrade modem...he just replaced modem with downgraded modem and left, not even connected smart home monitoring to modem, i have pics of all connections opened.


Net connection, fell even further, speed got reduced even further


when i called call centre, i was told to take modem to any rogers shop and get it replaced back with high end modem. for which i had to drive 10 kms away to chnage.


now i am stuck, bad service, bad installtion, no solution


slow connection, not reaching, much area, 


wonderful way by Rogers to Harass a customer , never expected this from professional company like rogers.


Thanks for fake advertisements , that its 100 MBPS ( Its just 40 - 50 MBPS)

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Re: Rogers new service

I can understand the way you are feeling @Parora . We'd like to take a further look into this and assist if you are up to it.


I’m going to reach out to you from @CommunityHelps in a Private Message. Please check your messages via the envelope icon once you click on your avatar, which appears in the top right hand side of your screen when you are logged into the forums. You can also click here to access your inbox. 


To learn more about our Private Messaging system, you can visit here.



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Re: Rogers new service

Sounds like you got a bad chain of people on the phone/techs.  😞

Generally where I live at least, have found the techs to be pretty decent.. especially the ones for the smarthome.
When they sent that 2nd tech out, they should have specifically sent one that could do the smarthome part as well.. a regular tech wouldnt have been able to do the re-connect to the smarthome 😞
Thats at fault of the person on the phone.

As for the speeds.. could be a few things..


Signal... if its poor, could be cause of part of the issue. 
Again, with a GOOD tech, should have tested all of that on the FRIRST install.

If your able to log into the modem and look at/post the signal levels, we can at least point you towards that being part of the issue or not.

Depending on how long you have had it (under 72 hours?) Could be that the modem firmware hadn't updated fully.. as there was a bug in the early firmware which WIRED 10/100 cards connections got slowed to sub 50.
odd.  THough that you got slower on the older modem.. makes me think otherwise?

As for the wifi range..
Where is the wireless router placed?  Basement i am guessing near where it came in?
How is this in relation to where the previous Bell one was?
NEITHER of the units have overly good wifi.. so placement can make a difference.
(one reason many people still use their own 3rd party router with it, which often has better range)