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Rogers door-to-door Smart Home Monitoring sales

I've been here awhile

Hi everyone,
I just want to verify whether the Rogers door-to-door sales person is legit. I am in Oshawa and I had this guy come to my house last week with a Roger's name tag and a seemingly Rogers issues iPad. He said he's from Rogers and offered me good rates on home security system. I declined. But he then pitched me porting my phone to Rogers. The rate was good so I said I'll take that. He asked me for 2 pieces of ID. I had only one. So he said passport should be fine (he said that twice) but I didn't want to give that detail. I know I should have been a lot more alert, but I gave away my SIN and date of birth for the porting application. Ever since then I have noticed an uptick in the scam/blocked calls I get every day.
I am worried that my info got into wrong hands. How do I verify?



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Re: Rogers door-to-door Smart Home Monitoring sales


Hello @ApplMathTrnto,


I hope you are doing well and thank you for sharing your concern with the rest of the community. 🙂


Just to clarify, did you end up completing the application to have your home phone line ported over to Rogers? Normally, we would have confirmed your email address and you should have received an email confirmation outlining the details of the activation.


I sounds like it was a legitimate transaction, however, it's difficult to say for certain. Feel free to send us a Private Message so we can investigate this further for you. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.


Thank you,

Re: Rogers door-to-door Smart Home Monitoring sales

I've been around

No I didn't.

After 2 days I called him twice but got no response.

He called back after a few hours. And asked for Fido account (he said his partner at Rogers said it is required for porting). I told him to ask his partner to call me or to give his number and that I would call him back.

A while later, I got a call with the number withheld. Since I was in another meeting I couldn't attend the call.

But out of the blue, Fido (my current service provider) gave me an offer to add 5GB data to my existing plan with no additional charge. Since this new offer was better than what the "Rogers" guy offered, I didn't pursue the Rogers one any further.


Re: Rogers door-to-door Smart Home Monitoring sales

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Resident Expert



Here is my take on door to door sales. They usually come around selling something you are NOT looking for.  For example, they come to my door to sell me a furnace or water tank or alarm system when I DO NOT need one or am NOT actively looking for one.  They also use special promo prices to kind of lure you in.   Its totally up to you but in my personal opinion, if I am NOT looking for a alarm or water tank or furnace or water softener, I will NOT give them my time.


I will look for one when I actually determine I need one, and I will go to their stores to shop, no offence but there is so much scams going on door to door its very hard to trust someone and find out whos official.

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