Rogers buy-back PVR/HD box?!?

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Re: Rogers buy-back PVR/HD box?!?

@AllyGAs I understand it, the buy-back of customer owned digital PVRs was an incentive to encourage customers to switch to Ignite. Normally Rogers would never buy back customer owned equipment, even if it was purchased from Rogers. Personally, I have 3 PVRs I own. One is a freebie SD PVR given to me by Rogers to subscribe to digital cable in 2009, the second is a refurbished  SA8300HD I bought off Shopping Channel in 2013 and I have another SA8300HD PVR that was given to me by my daughter when they cut the cord. When Ignite was first offered there was no such buy-back incentive and I opted for IPTV from my ISP instead of Rogers because it suited my needs and was more economical.  In your case, if you are on the verge of switching to Ignite, go ahead and explore this incentive to buy your stuff. But good luck if you've already switched.

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