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Rogers blacklisted my brand new iPhone

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I recently upgraded my phone to iPhone 15 plus through the Rogers upfront edge program. I have been using said new phone for over a month with no issues. I was travelling 2 days ago when I lost service. Stopped at a random McDonald’s on the side of the highway to access wifi and connect with Rogers who tells me my phone has been BLACKLISTED. No one can help me or do anything except that it’s been “escalated to the back office to be investigated” and someone will get back to me in 2 business days. This happened on a Friday - and could not have happened at a more inconvenient time. I am travelling solo and have no way to reach my family or be reached in case of emergency. Driving into big cities with no access to my maps etc etc. This is ridiculous - and someone at Rogers screwed this up so why is it so difficult to have it rectified?!



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Re: Rogers blacklisted my brand new iPhone

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Resident Expert

@amykenn_edy wrote: ...Driving into big cities with no access to my maps...

Just as an FYI, if you use the Google Maps app and download the offline maps for the area(s) you're travelling to while on WiFi, you can use the phone as a GPS just fine.  The only thing missing will be some obscure spots and real time traffic when you're driving. But if you connect to WiFi, say before you leave a hotel or residence, you can do anything like looking for places and seeing the traffic, etc. while connected to the Internet, before you depart.  When driving it'll work fine, but won't have real time traffic.

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