Rogers Tablet Promotion Too Good To Be True?

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Rogers Tablet Promotion Too Good To Be True?

I called Rogers customer service three days a go for changing my plan and an agent csr answered my call and I was able to change my plan then he offered me this promotion iPad 6 for zero dollars and tAblet fees waived for 24 months thereafter 10 $ a month so I accepted the offer and I ordered the iPad 6. I could not believe that the promotion is real so I surfed and there it was on the website the promotion iPad 6 for zero $ and tAblet plan waived for 24 months . Two days a go I called Rogers cs so I can put a hold on the order I made as I was moving to a different address I did not want the iPad to be shipped to a address that I no longer reside in so the csr told me that the agent made a mistake processing my order so it has to be reprocessed .today I called the Rogers cs and they told me that the order was canceled and they transferred my call to the management .did anybody else came across this promotion?


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Re: Rogers Tablet Promotion Too Good To Be True?

My wife was texted the same promotion (hers is the only wireless on our rogers account).
So yes its a real one.