Rogers Phone Numbers being used in Spoofing (telemarketing)

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Re: Rogers Phone Numbers being used in Spoofing (telemarketing)

I had my landline number before Rogers ever did business in my area and I've never had such calls on my Rogers cellphone, mainly because I don't have it turned on very often (touch wood). The spoofing is done by the telemarketer to trick you into thinking it's someone close by, like a neighbour.

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Re: Rogers Phone Numbers being used in Spoofing (telemarketing)

I also receive calls from what appears to be spoofed cids starting with my same prefix.

I usually move them to spam or block them in my android call blocking app. Always wondered if, in return, somebody else blocks my number because of spoofing, etc.

Last year I got the confirmation : while on phone with evga for an issue with an order, they asked for a number where to call me, refused to take my cell cause was showing as blocked in their database.
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Re: Rogers Phone Numbers being used in Spoofing (telemarketing)


I am curious to know how legit 1-888-764-3771 is. This is apparently the 1-888 Rogers 1 number but I have heard a lot of people complaining about phishing scams coming from this number, someone claims to be from Roger's and threatens to disconnect services because their computer has a virus, or trying to get information out of people that they should already have if they are indeed a Roger's Rep. This number calls my phone, doesn't leave a message. Kinda seems strange after reading all the reports online.
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Re: Rogers Phone Numbers being used in Spoofing (telemarketing)

That is the LEGIT rogers number for calling in for support, etc.. when you call it yourself.

The problem is, as what is mentioned in this thread.. its very easy for others to SPOOF the caller ID.  They can FAKE that it is the number that they are calling FROM.. even though they are not.

So it can appear that they are calling from that number.. but they are not.


If you get a call from it, and dont trust it... trust your gut.. more than likely fake.


When in doubt, call back in YOURSELF to inquire.

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Re: Rogers Phone Numbers being used in Spoofing (telemarketing)

Rogers service used for fraud


I got a partial voicemail from "Officer Greg Williams" saying that I or my lawyer should call him back at 647-297-0890, or "a situation will unfold on me."
Well I looked it up...
It's a known scam.

So I also did a reverse lookup on the number.
Company: Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
Usage: Cell Number
Country: Canada
Location: Toronto, ON
Area code: 647

So, I don't think Rogers should be obligated, nor willing, to uphold a services contract with a known scam artist, who is using Rogers services as a tool to commit fraud.
I'm looking around the "contact us" sections and don't really see an option that fits this situation.

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Re: Rogers Phone Numbers being used in Spoofing (telemarketing)

Hi @Malignor,


Welcome to the Community Forums! 


I'm glad you found us here to share your experience.  I'm also happy you were able to spot a scam/telemarketing call.  I wish that more people were as cautious as you.  Unfortunately, as you might have read previously in this thread, it's an issue that is proving to be hard to eliminate, as scammers are getting more and more tech savvy to skirt the rules.  If you ever get a call and have a bad feeling, the best thing to do is hang up the phone. 


The CRTC has posted more information regarding telemarketing and call spoofing here, including more ways to protect yourself from these types of calls. 


Kind regards,


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Re: Rogers Phone Numbers being used in Spoofing (telemarketing)

I got my bill this month.

There were over 70 texts from Canada to the US.

I may have texted twice.

I believe someone is using my phone number to text people.


I received a phony text supposedly from Rogers about a refund through e-transfer.

I made the mistake of responding to it.


What do I do?

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Re: Rogers Phone Numbers being used in Spoofing (telemarketing)

Hello @dprice_2000,


Welcome to the Community!


It is extremely important to be vigilant about sharing personal or financial information online, especially with unknown links or numbers. We'd have a better idea of what may have caused the charges once we take a look into your account. 


Since the Community is a public platform, please reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps so we can take a look into this for you. You can read more about our PM system here.