Rogers Long time Customer - in jeopardy

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Rogers Long time Customer - in jeopardy



I have been a long time customer for Rogers for over 6 years now and my loyalty to this customer is in jeopardy.


I am being hosed for Digital cable plus and Hybrid fiber 30.

Bell has just offered me the same/better services for 75$ for the first 3 months then 100$ there after.


My last couple of support calls have been poor, good customer support would try and help the customer find a solution to their problem, not just say " that is the price we offer " or " there is nothing we can do".


Why is your competitor giving better options and solutions that Rogers can not? Am I talking to the wrong person?


If I can not get traction on my bills for the services given in the next month or two, rogers will lose me as a customer.


Consider this my 2 month notice. I am open to stay, if an equal or less agreement then your competitor can be met.






Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Rogers Long time Customer - in jeopardy

Unfortunately this is a USER to USER forum.. no one here can help you 😞

Sometimes, its just talking to the right person. 
Some deals... are based on years with the company (been 15+ here myself), other based on the # of services (more services, the higher discount you can get).


Sometimes... the BEST deals, can only be offered to NEW customers.

Pretty much makes it worth switching companies every few years, just to get the deals.

I recently was able to call in, and negotiate a decent deal.  BUT i also have 6 things with rogers, and have been with them 15 odd years. 

Sometimes, its just talking to the right person.
You could try through the facebook rogers support, or twitter @rogershelps, and see if they are able to see/do anything different.

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Re: Rogers Long time Customer - in jeopardy

We are all being nickelled and dimed, but what can we do exactly? Nothing as of yet. Same thing in my area, but the only ones are rogers and bell. Was with bell about 10 years ago, and they sucked in my area. Rogers was good in my area, but they jacked up the price, my bill is close to $170 a month. Thats insane tbh.... but hey i guess we gotta wait and see.....

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Re: Rogers Long time Customer - in jeopardy

I have noticed over that last little while they are not as generous as they use to be. I have 2 homes 8 services long time customer but I find you need to call back a few times to get a consultant who works with you and does find a good deal for you and if they can't they always offer something for free. Still my bill is $350 a month

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers Long time Customer - in jeopardy

Next time you have a problem try asking for  The  Loyalty Department,,,,i am having an ongoing issue for over a month now with internet after getting them to listen to what has been happing they gave me $150.00 credit on my bill..i had tried several other departments but this was the one that could accually do something to help me out.

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