Rogers Is Charging Me For Equipment I Returned And Canada Post Lost

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Re: Rogers Is Charging Me For Equipment I Returned And Canada Post Lost

Greetings @122477!


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I am sorry to hear of your difficulties with getting your equipment returned via Canada Post. Considering the circumstances, I would like to investigate this matter further on your behalf and see what I can do before this gets sent to collections.


Feel free to send us a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, you can find out more here.  




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Re: Rogers Is Charging Me For Equipment I Returned And Canada Post Lost



I reported this issue to all the places you mentioned plus Rogers 'Office of the President'. I checked the tracking again with Canada Post and lo and behold they found the package. Looks like they sent it to Richmond, BC who then sent it to Mississauga, who received it on July 26th. The tracking said that it had been through the final sorting and it would be delivered either that same day or the next day. That's approx 11 days ago. I talked with Canada Post who said that tracking states that they attempted delivery once and Rogers was closed. It was returned to Mississauga and was to be delivered the next day, but it wasn't. She opened an investigation into why Mississauga was not delivering it. She also mentioned, as I was told before, that Rogers needs to contact them since they paid for the shipping label, the shipping and they hold the contract with them. Reminder: I told this to Rogers before and they told me that they don't contact Canada Post. I informed CP of that and she said that was standard procedure and anybody at Rogers should know that.


Then I called Rogers, starting with Customer Service. I asked for a manager immediately. She insisted she needed to get the info of what the problem was and then she would transfer me to a manager.  To my surprise she told me that Rogers had put several credits through my account, thereby they reversed all the charges totalling almost $1,100. I was shocked and so relieved that they finally did that.  She then transferred me to a manager but after a few rings, the phone disconnected.


Then I was reviewing my email and found one from the CRTC. They accepted my case and informed me that Rogers can not ask me to pay the bill, can't have a collection agency hound me for payment, can't charge interest and must reverse any interest they've already charged and can not forward this to Equifax or TransUnion. Obviously at the time of their email they didn't know of the changes that have occurred since my email to them.


I'm more than happy right now. I can finally stop stressing over this.


I want to thank everybody who took the time to reply to my post and give me info on how to resolve this. I am sincerely grateful. I can not say that enough.




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Re: Rogers Is Charging Me For Equipment I Returned And Canada Post Lost

Congrats and good work.  The CRTC response is rather interesting to say the least 🙂