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Re: Rogers First Rewards

No, trade points for EXTENDED tech support.

TechXpert covers external stuff.. can help people with virus removal etc... as well as other stuff internet wise which falls OUTSIDE of what the basic customer support covers.

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Re: Rogers First Rewards

I think you shouldn't have to read the fine print to find this out. There is a section in the FAQ about "does it cost anything to join". It states it's free. It should be stated up front that you wil lose the bundles discount. If you lose a discount it does actually "cost you" and is not free.
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Re: Rogers First Rewards

Hello halles

The program is FREE. They don't charge you to use Rogers First Rewards. While yes u lose ur discounts on ur account that doesn't mean they charge u to use the program..

I do agree they should have made it more visible but as a customer u should ALWAYS read the small fine print. That is ur responsibility to do.. I do it all the time to make sure there aren't no surprises. Also when signing up for Rogers First Rewards program, on the page it tells you 2 times that u will lose ur better choice bundle discounts.
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Resident Expert
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Re: Rogers First Rewards

Myself with my first house.. i learned the hard way..  READ THE FINE PRINT.

Got stuck with a bad line of credit, on the house, had issues selling, etc... as the way the guy SOLD it.. wasnt the way it was.. and i didnt read the fine print enough.

WHENEVER signing up for anything.. ALWAYS read everything.  Read the legal stuff.. read the ToS.. read the FAQ.
Yes, i know its borring as heck..
But it prevents SUPRISES.

The amount of people, who in the past when there was the cancelation amounts, etc (pre flex tab)... would go to cancel and have NO CLUE that they had to do that if they canceled.  Were they TOLD about that when they signed up? Possibly not.  BUT it is in the contract that they signed...  regardless if you read it or not.. by SIGNING (or say in the case of like the rewards program, and clicking ACCEPT)... means you accept all the terms.

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Re: Rogers First Rewards

"The Rogers First Rewards™ loyalty program is designed exclusively for Rogers customers. It recognizes your loyalty by giving you more of what you want from Rogers. Each month you will automatically earn points on your eligible purchases that can be redeemed for more data, more connections and more entertainment. It’s our way of saying thanks for choosing Rogers.  "




We've been customers for more than 30 years.  Last year we added our home phone to a "bundle" and ended up in Rogers billing . for months, trying only to get the price advertised in Rogers OWN pamphlet, handed out in the store where we signed up.


Now I discover their loyalty program is not "compatible" with their Better Choice Bundles.  So much for being "loyal". 


Rogers you are a third world scam.  I will be taking my business elsewhere, first chance I get.  You can continue to blow any profits you get trying to market to new customers.  Every single person in your executive team deserves to be fired for incompetence.  Nothing like scaring customers away.


Rogers, you are disgusting and UN CANADIAN.

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Re: Rogers First Rewards

It used to be 15 %, Rogers took way 3 % way.  I was upset but at least I was told in advance.  I am definately keeping my Better choice bundle discounts.

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Re: Rogers First Rewards

I guess those who did read the fine print and kept the BCB discounts will be happy they did. With the rewards program ending, the decision to keep BCB looks better and better!