Rogers Complaint Process

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Re: Rogers Complaint Process



Welcome to the community!


Sorry to hear you've been unable to get to the bottom of what's occurring with your long distance charge calls! I'm personally unfamiliar with the Rebtel app but I'd be interested to know if it's making calls over WiFi or if it's making calls using the cellular network. Are you able to confirm if you can make calls with the cellular connection on your phone disabled?


In addition have you reached out to Rebtel support to see if what's occurring is normal based on their current app revision?



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Re: Rogers Complaint Process

To whom it may concern, 


How come the cancallation process involve a minimum of three employees and almost 30 minutes of my time?


This is my experience: 

First person:

A woman from saskwawan even though I called the cancellation department. After she offered me several retention products she sent me to another employee who supposingly is sitting in the cancellation department. I pressed 4 and the 5 in on the dial pad, which according to the automatic phone voice is the right way to do it.

Second person:
Dylan from cancellation was the person I got transferred to. Dylan again tried several products to retain me as a customer, such as suspend it for several months. would not let me speak to a manager even through I several times demanded to speak with a leader. Instead he ignored my request and transferred me.
Tyron again tried again to ask several retention question. Finally after 29 minutes my line got disconnected.


Even though it is a toll free number it´s still charged by foreign mobile carriers!!!!