Rogers Complaint Process

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Re: Rogers Complaint Process

@MeowW  and @barndoor, thank your for your feedback and responses.


@lawny  No matter how any of us may feel about the process of escalation, it is the process that defines how we and Rogers work with each other on these issues.


I can only say that using this process, although sometimes time consuming and frustrating, is the only process available to us, so I use it, and to date, fortunately with considerable succcess.


I would not describe my process as passive, I would call it patiently persistant using the only processes available to us.


You have two other levels to consider, the Ombudsman's office - see


You can first work with them, and if not satisfied, you can appeal to the CCTS.  You can also just go directly to the CCTS. 


CCTS decisions and applications

Consider reviewing the decisions that have been made and how they consider requests, it may guide you on next steps.


I wish you all the best, Ed in you next steps.  You do what you feel will work best for you, and I will continue to evaluate in each new situation what I hope will work for me.


All the best and I do close by asking that as per guidelines (I have never quoted these before, but I have had them quoted to me), please keep it courteous in our interactions.  May you find a level of success that can allow you to move on.


I will not be responding further to this thread, as from my perspective I have all that can be said.



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Re: Rogers Complaint Process

Rogers is by far the worst cell phone provider



Rogers is the worst. They even have horrible customer service. My girlfriend and I signed up for rogers in august and we were promised services. A few months later we were told the services promised for the price they were promised at is impossible to provide as they tried to trick the system and did not succeed. They told me to go into the store and talk to the manager so I did that and the manager was extremely rude to me and overall very annoying and not helpful. So I called rogers again, meanwhile they have been charging me for stupid stuff. They escalated the problem to the office of the president. I get an email from them and I try callling the number they provided to speak to the person dealing with the problem. I have not been able to establish contact with him. I can't even ask him to call me because rogers cut off my service. I am really surprised at this. A massive phone company is unable to keep their word. And then as if its not bad enough their not honouring their agreement with me, they dont make the proper effort to contact me. I have also emailed the person dealing with the case at rogers and they have not responded. This is really very disappointing and I urge that no one sign up with rogers as this has showed me that rogers does not care about their customers or about conducting business honestly. I am a student that works 2 jobs and I have been wasting so much time with this and I still have no phone. I am really disappointed by this and I regret ever signing up with rogers.

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Re: Rogers Complaint Process

Seems like everyone has different luck with every company.
Maybe other than some pricing.. i have no complaints with rogers, and have always had great service, even the one time I had to deal with the office of the prez.  
But again, different case, different people dealing with, etc.. could all make the difference.

(I could tell you my horror stories about Bell in the past myself, but other people love them)



Best i can say to take away from this.. and I would say this from any company.
Get it in writing.
With rogers, when they set it up, there is a 'contract' type thing which they can sent (if doing over the phone, etc) or print if at the store, showing what the rates, contract terms, etc are.  
Even when i make plan changes on my account, i make sure they send that, so I can check to see what they changed, is correct.


Too many times that i see people say that they have issues with not getting what they should be, seems to be majorily verbaly saying 'you'll get this' type of thing.

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Re: Rogers Complaint Process

I agree that "Seems like everyone has different luck with every company."


This happens in many facets of life ... if you  enjoy the challenge  go for it ,if not change . In my opinion if i have to write down everything and spend the time documenting that these guys do  then I think it is time to find a company with a little more integrity to deal with . Hence the reason I am down to one pay as you go account with Rogers.   Smiley Wink

If they don't work for YOU ..... CHANGE doesn't matter how they work for Gdkitty or me and it  doesn't matter if it is a chiropractor , a vet , a doctor or a telecomunications company .It's about how they work for you . 




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Re: Rogers Complaint Process

Terrible Customer Service


I ordered my new phone with your company over 3 weeks ago and after six over an hour phone calls, one hour in store visit and a months worth of frustration I still do not have a working phone.  I have had terrible customer service when calling in as every agent has a new excuse for the last one.  False promises for the last time.  I am soo mad I cant even write the whole story.  I will social media my experiance!!!!

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Re: Rogers Complaint Process

Hi @Samira1


Welcome to the Community Forums and thank you for posting.


That's definitely frustrating to deal with and we'd like to help with your phone.


What type of device are you having issues with? What's the issue with your device?




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Re: Rogers Complaint Process

I continue to have no home phone service since Wednsday March 29. There has been no response to when this could be rectified and I am growing impatient with the lack of service. As I have been paying for this lack of serive I expect to be compensated as this has really caused problems for me!

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Re: Rogers Complaint Process

Hi @rchalmers0527,


Welcome to the Community.


I apologize for the delay in response, loss of service is definitely upsetting. Is your home phone service still down? Have you had a chance to speak to technical support for troubleshooting purposes?


Please keep us posted.





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Re: Rogers Complaint Process

I was so disappointed upon receiving my new bill via email today. Since March I have been trying to get a consistent amount . I was contacted by your office when I was considering changing to Bell. The gentleman offered me a deal $140. 00 for a 2yr contract. The last time I spoke to someone was in May (I am at work today so dates and names are not within my grasp) he said my file was left on a desk but was never processed. He made adjustments so last months bill reflected this. After getting my bill today I went on your Live Chat and was not treated very well. I asked for a management contact and was given the generic Roger's phone number. Believe me I have wasted enough time over the years with that. Your complaint section suggests asking the Live Chat person they will oblige and give the correct contact. What can I do ??

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Re: Rogers Complaint Process

You can go to the contact section of MyRogers, and click on report a concern - there is a link for a chat with the management team, or you can leave an email.  Have all details with you and tell them exactly what you want to see.  Some negotiation may be needed, but be firm, but always remain polite during the process.  If still not satisfied, file concern via the form and ask for contact from Office of the President.  They will call you within 48 hours usually.


And if that doesn't result in a solution, you can go the to Ombudsman, or directly to a CCTC report of concern.


It is not a fast process, but if you are ok with the original offer, then discuss that you are willing to go with that, and give it a try for some compensation for the inconvenience.  Your time is valuable too.


This is from my recent July Bill - I couldn't find it in a google search


If you have a concern that was not resolved, then we invite you to submit
a Share A Concern form (located at and we'll respond
within 1 business day. If you're not satisfied with the resolution by one
of our management team members, then you also have the option to speak to
our office of the president or even directly with the Ombudsman office.
Finally, you can also write to the Commissioner for Complaints for
Telecommunications Services (CCTS): or 1-888-221-1687