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Rogers Complaint Process

I Plan to Stick Around

Hi All;

My bill has been wrong each month for last 4 months...each month a different reason.

I called already this month but they could not help b/c I was not at home with my notes and couldn't tell them how much my bill is supposed to be. I really hate having to spend another 2-4 hours on phone with Rogers again this month


I advised last month that if my bill is wrong again this month it will be a $200 penalty.

After ongoing for so long...should I contact OOTP and raise a complaint with CRTC.


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Re: Rogers Complaint Process

I've Been Here Awhile

I work for a company which has corporate offers with Rogers. Upon reviewing the process on the Employee discounts page, I emailed the line of contact who is an external dealer called Lifestyle communications located 662 King St W, Suite 105 Toronto ON. I communicated via email to the given email address : The lady I dealt with, her name was Yerang S. The order for the device was placed in last week of March and employee verification was completed the same day. I contacted lifestyle(Yerang) inquiring that I have placed the order so long ago and what’s the path forward. I followed up again on April 3 asking for an update. I was told iPhone X that I had ordered was on back order so it may take longer and arrival date is still missing. I emailed again and left voicemail multiple times as they would never answer the phone when called at 416-461-4660. I get a response 3 days later asking for my credit card info on April 8 to ship the phone out. While my plan has been activated already on April 5 so technically I’m paying for the service already which I have no access to.


I finally received a phone via UPS on April 8, 2019, around 5:30 pm. Note: I paid 22.60$ for insured shipping and the phone was left on my porch which someone could have stolen. Thankfully I got a notification and I came home at 6 pm and opened the phone. Upon installation, I hear a rattling noise every time it vibrates. Next thing is I take a video via my old phone and contact lifestyle around 6:48 pm via Email: describing the situation that it is dead out of the box. As that’s after hours I even left a voicemail. I tried calling a couple of times again during normal working hours and also left a voicemail but I didn’t hear anything back.


As a backup option I booked an Apple appointment for April 11, 2019, for them to replace as it was a manufacturing defect. Apple store said that as Rogers were the one who sent you the phone, they are the only one who could send you a new one(mentioned: had to do something with separate inventory). Apple store would either repair this device or replace it with a refurbished one. On the same day that is April 11, lifestyle emails me to contact Apple store to resolve this issue. Not accepting that deal, I contacted Rogers customer care and they advised that it should be the dealer(Lifestyle) who should be replacing it. Rogers line manager named Al, tried contacting Lifestyle and left them a voicemail and advised me that dealer should be the one replacing it. I also contacted lifestyle and mentioned the entire situation.


Next day now it is April 12 and without a functioning phone, I contacted Rogers again to help me resolve this issue with Lifestyle the dealer as they won’t return my email or calls. They advised that Lifestyle is ready to swap my phone out and it will be ready at the Rogers store in Pickering at noon to avoid shipping back and forth. Upon agreeing to it, I went to Rogers on April 15 at 1 pm and I was turned down that they don’t have this arranged after half an hour of waiting. I was really frustrated at this point and try contacting Rogers as well as Lifestyle again. A representative from Rogers was going to bring this unto management and call me back at the given number. I didn’t hear anything back from anyone so at this point, I called Rogers business customer care again and talked to a manager. He said they have credited my account for 35$ that is activation fee and the phone is being shipped. I was really upset as my time, value and the initial experience was terrible. Instead of delivering on my request or the commitment that Rogers/lifestyle made, I was told that the phone will arrive when it arrives, nothing they could do (a manager is saying that).  All this while I haven’t heard anything back from Lifestyle. Lastly, I send another email on top on 4 emails that are sitting without response to lifestyle saying that I regret my choice joining Rogers and I rather switch back to Telus if you can’t deliver on your promises.


Minutes later I was notified that my order was canceled and I should ship back my phone back with this return label. She said nothing could be done and if I want to pursue Rogers then I would need to place the order again (pay shipping and activation again). Given no choice, as no one was appreciating or trying to resolve this issue I ported my number back to Telus. I just want to bring this to attention to Roger and other customers (public). Worst Service ever! Soon I will be canceling my home internet with Rogers too and will spread this word to my friends and family. I will be shipping my phone back with the return label and hoping to get my money back.

Re: Rogers Complaint Process

Good day @rv55,


Thank you for posting to the Rogers Community!


Waiting on the delivery of a device associated with a line you recently activated is frustrating, especially if you know you've already started being billed for the service fee. I appreciate your detailed account of how things went down and am sorry for the poor customer experience.


I understand you've returned the iPhone and ported back your line with Telus. If there is anything we can do to help you complete the activation, of your Rogers line with your corporate discount, please let us know. We would not want you to change service provider for your home services because of this situation.


Being unable to reach a store you've made a transaction with is awful. Hopefully I can help clarify what happened with the phone calls made to the retail location. The phone number (416) 461-4660, you posted above, does not seem to match the one we have for the store in question:

Toronto - 662 King Street West
Toronto, ON - M5V 1M7

Phone: 416-628-4000


We appreciate you took the time to bring this up to our attention and apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused you.





Re: Rogers Complaint Process

I've Been Here Awhile

Thank you for a swift response. I have shipped my phone back and the account has been cancelled. Not sure there is anything you can do now. Additionally, I don’t have energy to deal with anything like this again. The cooperate deal I got was great but I value my time more than the saved money. I just don’t have faith in Rogers as to they will be able to anything to make up for it and guarantee that this never happens again.

So far, all I have heard after me being vocal about my issue is, “we apologize and let us know what we can do”! However upon giving a suggestion all is hear is what you folks can’t do rather than what could be done.

Such a pessimist and dismissive approach to customer resolutions!

Re: Rogers Complaint Process

I've Been Around

I called on 27 September, one lady manager Wendy picked my call after 1.15 minutes and she didn't have sense to take customer too even, lastly she cut my call. In the conversation, she is forcing me to use more data. So definitely, I will cut down all my rogers connection after this month but fire him from job otherwise many people will cut your connection and no one refers to use rogers connection. Even I will talk with my family and friends circle too. She forced me, but I will forced to my relatives to use other career and high-speed internet. One couple of guy, Pradip and Kavita talked with me very nicely too and they gave me answer to very gently. But she lady want to become heroin and speaking me very rudely. She doesn't care about Roger's customer. One thing hurt me that she cut my money and she was forcing to use more data. She bullied me this night. If I am the authorized person then I will fire him from job right away. I felt very bad of her talk.

Re: Rogers Complaint Process

Good evening @dev4u95,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and thank you for your feedback!


While we try our best to ensure we provide the best customer service we can, I realize a few interactions can end up being difficult. I'm glad to know my other colleagues were able to address your concerns and get you a resolution.


Please let us know if you still need assistance with any account related inquiries.