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Rogers Account

How can you tell if your account is a regular business account or a corporate account?


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Rogers Employee lockdown2341
Rogers Employee
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Re: Rogers Account

Not sure if there is a way to tell online. Your best bet would be to contact the business line directly. They can advise you if it is a regular business account or a corporate one. No one, not even the mods here, would be able to tell you as the forum is based around customers who have consumer accounts.

Retired Moderator RogersHassam
Retired Moderator
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Re: Rogers Account

Hello @lockdown2341,


Thanks for clarifying. You can call the business line at 1-866-727-2141. 



Rogers Employee ShakTiburon
Rogers Employee
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Re: Rogers Account

Agreed with @lockdown2341 - Also Business Accounts vs Corp accounts, I guess one way to know yourself is your plan, Corp plans are usually specific to a company but that is from my general knowledge.

gotta stick with the folks stating above, 100% confirmed answer is to call in Business Dept.