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Roaming like home?

I've been around

So I’ve been on vacation for well over 2 weeks now and I turns out that I’ve been charged for roam like home EVERYDAY since I’ve been gone! On my plan it says international texts are unlimited and I have not used data once! How am I supposed to afford 400$ what a rip off, your guys support number takes hours to pick up, I’m supposed to be on vacation enjoying myself now I gotta worry about this stupid scam. If this doesn’t get fixed I know I’ll be taking my business elsewhere


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Re: Roaming like home?

I've been around
I've experienced this issue with Roger's aswell and they offered no assistance when I tried to have it corrected.
I'd take my services elsewhere for sure!! I'm in the process of switching all my current Roger's services elsewhere

Re: Roaming like home?

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International texting that probably is from Canada only. When leaving the country, jeep your device in Airplane Mode and only turn on WiFi to use WIFI Calling for calls and texts. RCS and iMessage both use data to text, which uses data.

Re: Roaming like home?

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Resident Expert

@Aidansamso  and @DBH2 :  Whenever you travel internationally, there are things that you need to have in order, like Passports, Visas, Immunizations and how you plan to use your cell phone.


There are ways to completely avoid Roaming charges:


1. Put your phone in airplane mode and leave it that way.  You can still enable/use WiFi in this mode.

2. Turn your phone off.

3. Remove the SIM from your phone.

4. Contact Rogers and ask them to remove Roam Like Home from your plan.


There are ways to minimize roaming charges.


5. Purchase a SIM for the area(s) you are visiting.

6. Use Roaming only on occasional days, not every day.


You would have received a text from Rogers saying you are roaming and to check the charges when roaming.  


Here's a link on Roaming:


Remember, it is your responsibility to check on this since each person may have a different set of preferences.  Also, roaming is similar with other service providers, but each has their own set of rules and charges.


If you don't do one of the above, you will likely encounter charges, regardless of other phone settings because some apps override cell preference and some apps do automatic downloads or use location services or some other function that causes them to be in touch with a cell tower in the international location.  As soon as the phone "sees" an international cell tower, there will be charges. One way to tell is if you don't see "Rogers" at the top of the phone but rather a service provider from the country you are visiting.


One other thing - I believe roaming days are measured based on Eastern Time Zone, so if you're in a different time zone and go past "midnight" Eastern Time, you will be charged for 2 days.

Re: Roaming like home?

I’m in the same situation. What other provider would be better? It’s only Rogers or Bell, and their parasites?

Re: Roaming like home?

I've been here awhile

You are so right!  the only reason we stayed with SHAW, was because of their awesome customer service.  their CHAT was unbelievable.  an Agent within 1 minute.  so far, with Rogers, i've waited at least 3-1/2 Hours on the CHAT and finally disconnected.  Go into the shaw service center in Surray, to get some answers about how roam from home works, and the agent said "I don't travel, so I don't know", and recommended calling customer support.  Pardon me, but I thought that's what they were, in the service center?  I'm with you.  when the contract ends in 2027, if this doesn't change, looking at options

Re: Roaming like home?

I've been around

I just turned off roam like home after got charged for 2 days from international travel. Went on chat after login, very quick pickup by agent and confirmed that roam like home is off and i sent transcript to myself so i got hard copy confirmation.

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