Roaming Charges

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Roaming Charges

Hi I am currently in the US with a rogers canadian plan.


Will I be charged for incoming and outgoing texts/calls. 


I have turned data roaming off and should I leave airplane mode on to prevent these incoming calls/texts or are they okay if I do not pick up. 


Thank you.




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Re: Roaming Charges

Hello @User2538,


Welcome to the Community!


Always a good idea to gauge the charges well in advance. Without a  roaming or domestic text plan or add-on, any incoming and outgoing calls while in US will be billed at $1.45 per minute.  It's 75¢ per Sent Text/Picture Message and 25¢ per Received Text/Picture Message. Pay per use data charges are $7.99 per 50MB. 


Depending on your plan, you may be automatically enrolled in Roam Like Home. With RLH you'll be billed $6 per day for a maximum for $60 within a billing cycle to use your plan how you do in Canada.


Have a great trip!