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Re: Roam Like Home triggers

Incoming Calls/Text Messages When Travelling Abroad


Hello there, 


As a Rogers customer, I am trying to gain more information on whether someone would be charged long-distance fees for the following scenarios: 


A) There is an incoming call to your mobile phone while you are outside of your local calling area but either you ignore it (do not answer it) or decline the call.

For example, I live in Toronto, Ontario. Now say I am on vacation in Florida and my mobile phone's data is turned off but I receive an incoming call that I either ignore or decline. Would I still be charged for any long distance fees or for Roam Like Home charges even though I did not accept/answer the call? 


B) The same scenario as above but with text messaging: If I receive a text message to my mobile phone while I am in Florida (for example), but I do not answer it/reply to it, would I still be charged for any long distance fees or Roam Like Home charges?

To my understanding, one would only be charged for long distance fees or Roam Like Home charges for incoming calls if they accept (answer) the call. As with text messaging, they would only be charged for outgoing/sending text messages. 


Also, would the above be the same in any international destination (including inside and outside of North America)? 


When it comes to Data, I understand that ANY data usage when outside of your local calling area/when abroad will incur long distance fees or Roam Like Home charges. I am aware that the safest bet if you want to use any apps that require an internet connection would be to use Wi-Fi. 


Thank you in advance for your time and assistance with these questions! 

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Re: Roam Like Home triggers

Good evening @Gloriabl and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


You've got it right on all counts 🙂. There are no long distance or roaming charges if you do not make or receive a call or send out any text messages. This applies to calls outside of your local calling area, US and international countries. Text message are nationwide (depending on your plan) so you will not be billed if you're out side of your local calling area but still in Canada. You will be billed for sent text messages when you're outside of Canada. 


And yes, if you do not wish to be billed for roaming it is best to keep the data roaming turned off and rely on WiFi instead. Please reach back out if you have any further questions or concerns. 



Hope this helps 🙂!






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Re: Roam Like Home triggers

Travel internationally: Rogers still charge one day roaming fee while roaming is turn off


It doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t use Rogers network nor Rogers partner network when I travel. I set roaming off. But Rogers still connects local network when I turn on the mobile. The only way to avoid it is never power on the phone or take out of the SIM card. The carrier from other countries don’t charge it. Why Rogers do? why the mobile from Rogers also provides the roaming switch which is ignored by Rogers?

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Re: Roam Like Home triggers

Hello, @User64043.


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums! 🙂


Thank you for posting your concern in the Community. Hopefully, you have browsed this thread, we have discussed quite in detail as to which action triggers Roam Like Home. You can check the posts 4 and 15, which provide more insight on this subject. 


Along with disabling Data roaming, you can enable Airplane mode while travelling, which disables connectivity for cellular and voice data to avoid charges. Hope this helps. 



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Re: Roam Like Home triggers

I am extremely frustrated with Rogers. We flew out for our honeymoon. I kept my phone on and agreed to pay for roam like home. My husband turned off his cellular data and only turned it on when we had access to wifi. The first day we came to Greece I called to ask about travel packages and the rules for usage for Rogers. It was never mentioned to me that my husband had to keep his phone on airplane mode the whole trip so our bill was extremely expensive and they didn’t do anything to help us.

Now we are in the UAE. We touched down in Egypt. I use my phone for 20 minutes and then I get a text saying that they are charging me $100. I immediately called rogers to find out what I could do. The agent on the phone said that it could be taken care of but I had to call back after my bill comes through. So I called back today and the lady said she couldn’t do anything for me and refused to let me talk to anyone in a superior position. I’m going to cancel my plan and other services with Rogers.

I previously spent 7 HOURS once in the phone with their agents. I finally got things sorted and then realized months later they started charging me incorrectly again

I’m displeased with the service.

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Re: Roam Like Home triggers

Hello, @EmilyLackie


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and congratulations on your first post! 


After reading your post and I can understand how frustrating this entire experience must have been. The last thing you want after a vacation is to come back to find a very expensive phone bill.


In order to look into this for you, we'll need to gather your information and review everything on your file. Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can get started.


Not familiar with our private messaging system? Click Here.