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Re: Roam Like Home triggers

Good evening @jackthecompguy,


Thanks for your post!

Verifying before travelling is definitely the right thing to do to avoid getting surprise charges on your next invoice.


While abroad, you’re only charged on days you use your device (make/receive a call, send a text, use data), and you will only be charged for a maximum of 15 days per monthly bill.


If you do not place or receive phone calls or send out text messages, the daily fee will not be generated. However, make sure that you're data is properly turned off as your phone might automatically connect to the local network if enabled. If there are data transmissions via mobile network, the charge will be generated, even if it is minimal.


Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions!

Also, feel free to visit our Roaming Support page for more information.



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Re: Roam Like Home triggers

If I am on roam like home while travelling in Mexico will i be charged for calls forwarded to my office in canada

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Re: Roam Like Home triggers

Good day @eddiga,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you for posting your inquiry!

It's a good thing that you reached out before travelling. This way you'll know what to expect when you get your next bill.


If the call forwarded is picked up or answered, it will trigger the daily Roam Like Home charge for your line.

Checking your voicemail will also trigger the daily roaming charge. If you’ve already used wireless voice or data during the current 24-hour period, there is no additional charge.


If you want to prevent being charged for the Roam Like Home daily fee, you first of all want to turn Data Roaming off in the settings of your phone. Ensure that your phone is in airplane mode, which will prevent your device from receiving any calls, texts or using any data.


If you want to use your phone on Wi-Fi only, you may want to leave your SIM card at home and forward the calls to your office, that way it would not generate roaming charges.


Hope this helps!



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Re: Roam Like Home triggers

Texting Charges While Travelling


I'm really fluent with the Roam Like Home and data management for my account, but I've just arrived in South America and had a ton of texts in and me sending many out and it occurred to me, these may be billed as long distance. With data off and using just wifi, is there a way to ensure I text with just people's emails or what should I do? Thanks!

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Re: Roam Like Home triggers

Hello, @Tinabarks.


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 


Thank you for posting from South America, enjoy your trip. Smiley Happy


I appreciate your account management aptitude, it's definitely an asset. If I understood correctly, after you have arrived there were a lot of texts waiting; you've replied while data was off. Did you receive Roaming Welcome SMS?


I'm assuming you have an iPhone. In order not to incur any roaming charges for texting; I would put the phone in Airplane Mode, only turn on Wi-Fi and make sure to you iMessage.


Community - any more tips on this matter?






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Re: Roam Like Home triggers

Hi, new question that is related.
My husband and I have two phones on the share everything plan. We will be travelling to hawaii in 2 weeks.

1. Is the $7 per phone line? Or per account?

2. If I send my husband a text, does it trigger roam like home for me, but not him? Or can we send between the two phones because they are both on the same share everything plan?

3 In the above scenerio, my husband would not trigger roam like home unless he replies to my text, yes?

4. Do we get any notification that we have triggered roam like home so we can itilize it fully for the 24 hrs? And a notification when that time has passed?

5. If we receive a call from Canada, I assume it triggers roam like home but we would not pay long distance charges, right? And the person calling would not have long distance charges?

6. Would I be able to expect that the text message and data coverage is good in Kauai? Anyone been there? We are staying in Po’ipu.

7. There is no pay per use charges, only the full $7 charge, correct? If we send one text wr have to pay $7?

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Re: Roam Like Home triggers

Hello @Mandy31!


A warm welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! Thank you for your first post! 😁


Your upcoming trip to Kauai sounds amazing! I've always wanted to travel to Hawaii myself! It's definitely a good idea to know what your roaming options are in advance to ensure you are well prepared.


Every time you enter a destination that is covered by Roam Like Home, we’ll send you a text message letting you know you’re in a Roam Like Home zone.


Hawaii is included in the U.S rate at $7 per day and is charged on each device that uses roaming (talk, outgoing text/picture/video messages, data). Incoming text/picture/video messages are free. Please keep in mind that you would only be charged up to a maximum of 15 days per monthly bill. If you were to leave the U.S to travel internationally, then the International rate of $12 per day for Roam Like Home would apply (up to a maximum of 15 days per monthly bill as well).


I would strongly recommend turning your device off or placing your device in Airplane/Flight mode while on an airplane or boat since there is no Roam Like Home coverage with these options and Pay Per Use fees would apply. Once on land, you can turn your device back on or remove the Airplane/Flight mode. 


The Roam Like Home daily fee is per device and will be triggered once every 24 hours, and ONLY when you make or receive a phone call, send a text/picture/video message, or use data (example: browse online, access maps or an application, etc.). Once the roaming is triggered, you'll have 24 hours from that time to use it.


Example: You make a phone call at 5 pm on a Saturday. Your 24 hour window will be available until 4:59 pm Sunday (the following day).


Unfortunately, we do not send notifications for each day you utilize Roam Like Home, we only send the initial "welcome" notification.


If receiving an incoming phone call, no long distance charges will apply. If the person calling your number isn't normally charged and they are still located in their plan's coverage area, then you being outside of the country should not affect anything. They can always double-check with their provider as well to be sure.


Hopefully, this answered all of your questions! As far as the wireless coverage available in Kauai, it will really depend on their tower strength. Maybe someone here in the Community has visited and can share their personal experience! 


Safe travels!!

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