Roam Like Home triggers

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Roam Like Home triggers

From the FAQ:


What actions trigger the daily charge?

The daily charge of $5/day* will be triggered by the first instance of either a voice call (made or received), outgoing text or MMS, or the use of data over the network when roaming in the U.S (like sending an email or updating your Facebook status, for example).  Don’t worry, incoming text messages will not trigger a daily charge.


I'd like to know if a received call needs to be answered for it to trigger or if it will trigger as soon as the phone rings.  I am used to receiving texts and calls (without answering) while roaming.  Just turn data off while roaming and I don't have to worry about being charged unless I make calls or send texts...




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Retired Moderator RogersAliciaG
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Re: Roam Like Home triggers

Hi @nsarine1


I hope I can clarify your Roam like home question.  Smiley Wink


    • Make or receive a phone call (to Canada or to a number that is local to the ROAM LIKE HOME eligible country that you are in)

When you are traveling if you receive a call and you do not answer the phone the connection is not completed so you would not be charged,






I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Roam Like Home triggers

Thanks @RogersAliciaG!


That's a shame regarding the voicemail.  I might just have to disable my voicemail before leaving the country then...

Rogers Employee ShakTiburon
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Re: Roam Like Home triggers

Hello @nsarine1


I would like to add a correction and all instances of phone usage as well. Voicemail trigger does not charge the customer, this isn't Prepaid, as Prepaid uses airtime for receiving voicemail (rules are different and not relevant here)

Voicemail trigger does not cause Roam like home to Charge you for that day.


Hope this will clarify:


RoamLikeHome Usage: (TR) = Trigger and (NT) = No Trigger 


(TR) Make Calls

(NT) Receive Calls

(TR) Use Data (Upload or Download)

(NT) Use Wifi (Upload or Download)

(TR) Send SMS

(NT) Receive SMS

(TR) Send MMS

(TR) Receive MMS 

(NT) Voicemail

(TR) Call Fowarding


(NT) Airplane Mode

(NT) Bluetooth

Messaging Apps: See Data/Wifi or SMS/MMS


Hope this clarifies everything.

Voicemail is not a trigger as it is a server end. If you are calling your voicemail to check it, your are MAKING a call. It is trigger because you are calling, not because its voicemail. (You are calling back canadian number anyway)


Hope this helps and clarifies thing.


@RogersAliciaG hope that helps! 🙂



Retired Moderator RogersAliciaG
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Re: Roam Like Home triggers



Thank you for your insight I have updated my post  Smiley Happy

Rogers Employee ShakTiburon
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Re: Roam Like Home triggers

Awesome! ^__^



I still can't find answer to MMS. I would assume it is not triggered as it SHOULD follow the same suit as SMS.

but MMS has always been tricky.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Roam Like Home triggers

Thanks @ShakTiburon!


Now let's clarify the Call Forwarding then.  How is it different when one is roaming compared to when one is not roaming?  Isn't the forwarding set centrally and the network would not need to reach my phone (it should know that forwarding is set even before reaching my phone)?

If I'm mistaken, let's clarify the cases.  Let's say I have a plan that includes 2500 call forwarding minutes, and I set it to forward to another number before leaving the country.  Then, when I'm roaming, and someone calls me, would all of the following result in a trigger?


1.  Calls forwarded to a non-Canadian number

2.  Calls forwarded to a Canadian number that is also roaming at the time

3.  Calls forwarded to a Canadian number that is not roaming at the time


Thanks again!

Rogers Employee ShakTiburon
Rogers Employee
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Re: Roam Like Home triggers

Call Forwarding is set to network and your account profile yes. But it uses Call Forwarding Minutes/AirTime. That is why it is triggered.

This is my understanding. I personally don't use call forwarding...


I am willing to ship my phone (turned on) to US with a false address (so it gets returned to sender) and call forward it to see what happens LOL

But realistically, that would be weird to do.

So I would suggest, don't call forward it, unless someone here in the community, confirms it isn't triggered.
Before roam like home. If a user did call forward and went roaming to US, they would be charged Roaming regardless.
Roaming and Long Distance rules are based on how the tower in switches work... So this is essentially now made into a standard on how all the features work.
Roam Like Home, is a billing based feature not an actual feature for every instance of calls or event.
In otherwords, it is calculated AFTER once your billing cycle completes. (How the back end works, will stay a mystery to public)

That's my two cents in that regard.


Edit: Updated Info.

Retired Moderator RogersArthur
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Re: Roam Like Home triggers

Hi @ShakTiburon,


Thank you for your posts, we appreciate that you took the time to bring the Roam Like Home Trigger/no Trigger to our attention. Just thought I'd jump in to clarify the MMS for you.


With smart devices the data needs to be enabled in order for MMS to work, so as long as data roaming is turned off the MMS will not work and incoming MMS will not trigger the roam like home. The user will receive an SMS size /expire type message with a download button option. If the user decides to turn on data roaming this will trigger the Roam like home. As for messaging devices or not so smart devices, most of these phones do not need data to be enabled to receive MMS because of APN settings. I happen to use a messaging phone myself and it actually doesn't give an option to turn off data, mine gives the following two options: 'Always online' -or- When needed'.


Hope you find this useful


Rogers Employee ShakTiburon
Rogers Employee
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Re: Roam Like Home triggers

The MMS option does use data as a protocol. This is already clear on how the MMS service works in the back end; and MMS is ignored for all data usage on smartphones/cellphones (from billing perspective) this is correct.

Roam Like Home,is a Billing Feature; that's why the clarification is needed. My concern would be, does it ignore it as well? or counts the data to trigger the event?

And you're a non-smart phone? Your messaging for MMS is using WAP browser. [Actually MMS uses WAP browser on SmartPhones too, but WAP is built into APN of Data)
On a cellphone, if you go into APN and delete the WAP browser setting (The original Data back in the good ol' days) your MMS will turn off / fail as well.
Essentially, again, its ignored from billing aspect, as WAP Browser uses data in Bytes and Kilobytes, its heavily compressed data, so I guess Roam Like Home should ignore it too and not trigger it?

That's where my confusion comes into play? Where is a manual for this stuff? haha

Thank you for the input!
So there you have it folks, as of now Clarifcation for MMS is "Triggered" as it is received (and the only way to receive it is Data) as stated by @RogersArthur.

Edit: I can't update the Chart.

 Can any of you lovely Mods Update the (**) to (TR) (copy&paste the color format)? Thank you.