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Roam Like Home charges

I'm Here A Lot

Am I mistaken or is there nowhere on the Rogers site that tells you that the $5 daily Roam Like Home charge is per line?  I looked everywhere for that before I took the plunge, changed my plan to a Share Everything and ported my second phone number over from another provider.  


I honestly thought that the "Share Everything" included the roaming access with the Roam Like Home plan on all devices that are part of the plan.  Naive? Perhaps, but the dual $5 charges on my first bill were a shock. 


Rogers - maybe you should think about changing the name of the plan to "Share Almost Everything".


Sure would have been nice to even have some fine print somewhere on the web site that would have indicated this sneaky bit of accounting Tom-foolery...


Re: Roam Like Home charges

I'm a Senior Advisor
I too feel better informed, but still not positive about how to avoid charges, other than my old way - just don't turn my phone on.  I am not, nor will I ever be a data user.  And fortunately I now do know with a lot of enquiry that a sent text message will now cost me 5.00 for that one message, not .75, and that 1.45 quick call - I did it that way deliberately, will also lead to a 5.00 charge - I never asked for this and it looks like I like you have done our best to avoid unexpected charges, but this whole Roam like Home is a completely foreign model to us that have never used it, or didn't have access.  There will be a learning curve for sure.
I appeciate your patience in this dialogue and the input of all to help you understand and I am glad that you, as I have got a credit of some kind given our "lack of understanding".

I loved the comment about being a 1990's user. That is me to. I am beginning to understand after a lot of questioned and sometimes feeling like I am supposed to understand these changes with some level of ease when I don't. So please be patient with is old time users as we are unwillingly dragged into this new model which we have done our best to avoid. I have always been a careful responsible user and did. Are mistakes as I learned about incoming call charges turning data off learning that moms needed data that didn't cost in Canada on my plan but did in us as it was not a free received text on SMS it was a data mess I learned to turn network data and roaming off. I Pat per use charges but now have to pay flat rate for that one text or one minute call. Some of us don't use our phones much at all so we never worried about overages. We learned how to make it work and understood about turning data off then Rogers automatically added roam like home removed day data pages and single call pricing options then designed a model that yes is beneficial for avoiding overages and more freedom for more calls and messages but some of us didn't want that. So be patient with us as we learn. Please don't judge us as we struggle to understand and sometimes get frustrated. I think I have it figured out now. Will see when I finally use it. I like the idea of airplane mode and turn on what we need. It is only on newer phones was this possible. The fans don't mention this option. I like it better but credit to Rogers for making the fans and related settings clearer. Enough on all that. I am not even travelling this year and probably moving from two phones to one and downsizing everything tv cell and Internet. I have always been frugal with money. Now I have even less so this all becomes luxuries. Ahh for a simpler life and I am glad finances are forcing me just to opt out completely. My plans and costs are very small and low but at the end of the day are luxury. Sitting with my wife on the porch. Walking. Watching over the air TV is all looking good. And one phone with long distance add on to talk to family. Sounding much simpler. I think the posters like myself are just looking for ease and fragile careful use of our money and minimalistic models of technology.
Happy travelling.

Re: Roam Like Home charges

I've Been Here Awhile

1) if my cell phone is on and i subscribe to roam like home , will i be automatically be charged $5 or $10 depending on where i am? 

2) I want to use the local wifi at a restaurent on an island. I connect and work with the wifi. will i be charged $10?

Re: Roam Like Home charges

Hi @istvan1234,



Welcome to the Community :)!


Roam Like Home daily fee is per device and will be triggered once every 24 hours. You are only charged when you make or receive a phone call, send an SMS/MMS, or use data i.e. browse, maps or an application.


If you haven't made or received a phone call, sent an SMS/MMS or used data you will not be billed for connecting to Wifi. 


Hope this helps!




Re: Roam Like Home charges

Best way to TRY and avoid this..

A) Remove the sim.. with no sim in the phone, it cant connect to the cellular network.  But you still should be able to connect to wifi  where its available.


B) Bar doing A.. put it in airplane mode.. this SHOULD disable it from connecting to cellular at all (though in some casses i have seen people say that it still did, just a tiny bit).  You can usually turn wifi back on while in airplane mode, to then connect to wifi.

Re: Roam Like Home charges

I've Been Here Awhile

had the same problem last year and after complaint that is what they sell me (MAX $5.00 per day 10 days max) never told me that my hot spot would be charge 10 days also at $5.00 they refund me and let me have it for  6 month. This year i saw that they haven't change their web site but i don't care anymore i used my phone as a hotspot and my contract is coming out in august.....   Telus is now offering a better deal ( 2 country 1 account no itiniary anymore and cheaper then Rogers) so i guess they will lose a 10 years client soon.....  Wake up ROGERS