Roam Like Home charges

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Re: Roam Like Home charges

I just had a deeply unproductive chat with a support agent about what had triggered Roam Like Home charges during an international trip. I had data roaming off, did not make or pick up any calls, and did not send any texts.  (But was not in flight mode and did use wifi.) I may have received SMSes (certainly I got the "Welcome Abroad" message from Rogers), but as I understand it that should NOT trigger Roam Like Home.


 I feel that I received very poor support. In particular, the agent gave information that flatly contradicts the Rogers website. They did not seem to understand some of my questions, and simply ignored my question about whether it was possible to identify what had triggered Roam Like Home in this instance.


I hope someone here will be able to tell me whether it's possible to trace why I was charged, despite having tried to do everything to avoid Roam Like Home being triggered. And I'd like to know how to avoid this in the future, short of staying on Flight Mode all the time.



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Re: Roam Like Home charges

There are three components to mobile communications:



Voice Calls



Shutting off roaming data still allows the other towo things. Your welcome sms probablt triggered  it.


If you do not have wi fi calling, put your phone in flight mode then turn on wi fi,


if you do have wi fi calling, that may be a more intense discussion, or turn it off too,

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Re: Roam Like Home charges

Hi @bar_foo,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums :).


It surely doesn't help when there is no definite answer provided for billing concerns. A welcome message does not trigger a Roam Like Home charge. You are only billed when you make or receive a phone call, send an SMS/MMS, or use data i.e. browse, maps or an application.


If you'd like we can take a look into your account to see what triggered the Roam Like Home charge. Please contact us via PM @CommunityHelps and we would be happy to assist you further. 


To learn more about our Private Messaging system, you can visit here.




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Re: Roam Like Home charges

One further thing: MMS, or what people call video or picture text, (MMS is Multimedia messaging system), uses data and that can trigger it.  If you have data turned off, you can't send an MMS, even if you have it under your plan.



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Re: Roam Like Home charges


I cannot call 800 phone numbers from Mexico even though I pay 100 dollars for roam like home. 

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Re: Roam Like Home charges

Hi @Jimmccormick


Welcome to the Community Forums and thank you for posting!  Smiley Happy.


Running into communication issues can definitely be inconvenient on a vacation. What's the number you're trying to dial? Are you getting a message when you try to call?


Let us know to further assist you.






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Re: Roam Like Home charges



Many toll free numbers are country specific, so you can only dial them from within that country.  We are "lucky" in Canada in that we can dial most US toll free numbers.  However:


Most toll free numbers can only be dialed for free within their own country. This means that in most cases, toll free numbers are only free for customers who are physically in-country.


If you are dialing a USA toll free number in the US, it is free to call. (But keep in mind that you may not be able to dial a US toll free number from abroad.) If you are able to call the number, you may be charged the international rate.


See also:


Note that for Mexico, you need to use 01-800, but I'm not sure if that applies to cell phones.

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Re: Roam Like Home charges

May be as 57 said.. that its not a number available to call from where you are.

One thing to remember.. wherever you are, you are on THAT network, and any calling 'rules' or limiations from there would be present when you call.

Roam like home, doesnt mean your calling it just the same as home wherever you are.
Its just means that your not going to get any charges, other than the roam like home charges for that day, from that other network your on.
You pay the $ per day.. and then get say unlimited calling minutes, based on if your plan has it normally.  You wouldnt get the normal PER MINUTE roaming charge from that other carrier, etc.

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Re: Roam Like Home charges

Roam Like Home enabled but being billed at $9.99/10 mb?!


I am on Share Everything plan (5 GB remaining).

I'm overseas and I texted TRAVEL to 222, got a reply back confirming saying "I'm enrolled in Roam Like Home blah blah blah". 


So I enable data roaming and start using data.


About 10 minutes later, I get a text saying I've incurred 100$ in overage charges. I check my usage and I've used only 100 mb. This leads me to believe I'm being billed at 9.99 / 10mb. I was under the impression that if I have Roam Like Home enabled, I will be billed like as if I'm at home, using data from my original data plan (which has 5 GB remaining). 


Can anyone explain to me what's going on? Am I misunderstand or missing something?



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Re: Roam Like Home charges

@Gdkitty  The answer provided make sense to me, but I wouldn't have a clue where to look or call when on another carriers network, on roam like home.


I have enough troubles understanding Roam Like Home as it is presented and explained currently.


That is part of the reason why my family still continues to not use Roam Like Home in general, and opts in and out as we choose depending upon what we need to be done.  Also the reason for our unlocked phones and purchasing plans - we have one that we just swap in the sim card, go online, or call the company and add on dollar amounts for what we expect to use.  We do go enough once per year at least that those plans stay open to us to use.  And if they closed, we would just pop into the duty free shop as we go past boarder, or any vending machine in the airport there, and get a new one.


Yes, Roaming can still be a challenge and there are exceptions that are not well explained at times.


Only thing is to call in and discuss and maybe, just maybe, on one time basis they may reverse some or all of it.