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Roam Like Home charges

I'm Here A Lot

Am I mistaken or is there nowhere on the Rogers site that tells you that the $5 daily Roam Like Home charge is per line?  I looked everywhere for that before I took the plunge, changed my plan to a Share Everything and ported my second phone number over from another provider.  


I honestly thought that the "Share Everything" included the roaming access with the Roam Like Home plan on all devices that are part of the plan.  Naive? Perhaps, but the dual $5 charges on my first bill were a shock. 


Rogers - maybe you should think about changing the name of the plan to "Share Almost Everything".


Sure would have been nice to even have some fine print somewhere on the web site that would have indicated this sneaky bit of accounting Tom-foolery...


Re: Roam Like Home charges

I'm a Senior Advisor



Don't know if there is a free contact number for Rogers to clarify what is going on, or at least for you to understand your next steps.


You have explained it the way I understand it, but I have never turned on Data outside of Canada ever, except in an emergency, and fortunately, when it did happen, I was able to access Rogers support to clarify and decide how to proceed in my case.


If you are able to use WIFI and do online, you could chat in and get clarification, and make your decisions from there.


No other experiential solutions from me unfortunately.


Good luck in getting the clarification and hopefully reversed, even if you just misunderstood - maybe able to get one time reversal of it if it turns out you misunderstood.  Your explanation seems logical based upon what I know and have had explained to me.


Let us know what you learn.  Roam like home often seems like a little bit more protection, but there are enough exceptions that there seems to be many things we don't learn until it happens, and in my experience, it took me about 5 conversations, and lots of reading to get my understanding, and I still won't claim I understand it well.


Good luck and if anyone here understands, maybe you can guide them to an answer or solution.



Re: Roam Like Home charges

I totally agree . I JUST purchased a new phone with a tablet for 10 bucks a month and was not told that roam like home was per device. I travel a lot so now the tablet is kind of useless.

Re: Roam Like Home charges

I'm a Senior Advisor

Changes to roam like home were announced today jan 31st, 2018 via Mobile Syrup.


Has anyone seen any notices in advance of these changes.  Is there not a requirement to provide notice to customers of rate changes, or does it not apply to this "add on".


As a family we have never used any more than 2 days on a trip, and that was because of a car emergency, so it really doesn't impact our practices anyway.  I suspect many were controlling their limits of use to avoid overages - does some of this fit into the definition of overages of data as presented by CRTC in wireless code clarification.


Just be aware of the changes and act accordingly.



Re: Roam Like Home charges

I've Been Here Awhile
Rogers recent Roam like Home price change is highway robbery! Who else can increase prices by 80% ($90 vs $50/month previously) and get away with it? I bet most people don’t even realize it and will be in for a shock. Rogers notified me about the $5 to $6 daily increase (20%) but didn’t say anything about the 10 to 15 day maximum, which is a much bigger increase

Re: Roam Like Home charges

I was in US with my data off and my roaming off. Connected to wifi and was charged for everyday I was there. I was told that unless you are in airplane mode (and therefore also not connected to wifi) you will be charged. Makes phone useless unless you pay