Resolve Billing Dispute for Account That Should Be Cancelled

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Resolve Billing Dispute for Account That Should Be Cancelled

Hi can anyone tell me how to get intouch with a person who is higher up the chain they keep billing me for an account that i have cancelled 6 months ago this the s will be the 4th time i have had to deal with this and am getting a little more upset every time i call they tell me they have dealt with it but no once again i get billed



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Re: Resolve Billing Dispute for Account That Should Be Cancelled

Good evening @danielpgbc,


Thank you for joining the Community!

Having to call on multiple occasions for a billing issue can definitely be frustrating. I can imagine how you must be feeling. We want to help you reach a resolution as soon as possible!


When an account is cancelled, a final invoice is generated. If that bill goes unpaid, an invoice for the same amount will be generated on your bill cycle date, as a reminder. On the invoices generated after the cancellation, are you getting charged for the monthly service fees or is the amount identical each month? Have you made payments since you requested the cancellation of your account?


If you would like my assistance with this billing issue, you can reach out here, by private messaging our @CommunityHelps inbox. You can learn how to send a PM, here.


You mentioned your desire to discuss this matter with someone higher up. Access our Share a Concern page, where you'll be able to submit a call back request or chat with a member of our Management Office.


Our Social Media team is also option at your disposition! You can reach them via Twitter @RogersHelps or on


Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions!



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Re: Resolve Billing Dispute for Account That Should Be Cancelled

Hi there, 

I'm having the same issue. I've called well in advance to cancel my account, and am still getting billed and unable to return my equipment as a result. Nobody at Rogers seems to want to take accountability for this and it's getting very frustrating. I don't think I should be paying for a service that should have been cancelled for well over a month, but apparently that's not something Rogers can fix? 

Please tell me that the whole company doesn't take this approach and it was just a fluke and someone didn't know how to rectify this issue...



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Re: Resolve Billing Dispute for Account That Should Be Cancelled

Hello @shanny123456,


Thank you for joining us in the Rogers Community Forums and great first post. 


It sounds like you are in a strange predicament with your billing and services. If you had previously reached out to us to have your services canceled for a specific date, this should have been processed as requested. The only thing that might stop this from happening is if you had a suspension on your account preventing us from putting the request through, or if you failed to return any associated rental equipment to the store within 5 days of the predetermined cancellation date. 


Just to clarify:


1. Which services do you have active with us?


2. Which services did you request to have canceled?


Hopefully, we can help you get to the bottom of this. We look forward to your reply!