Residential Service Issues

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Residential Service Issues

I have been a long time customer with Rogers. And,  i can see a decline in quality of service year after year. 

Rogers is just like another TTC always with service issues, service is always interrupt causing the subscriber experience is very pleasant. You can report and complaint as many times as you want but nothing will be done,  and the company certainly doesn't care if their customer complaint. Because they are multi million dollar company. Resident service is too small for them to care. 


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Re: Residential Service Issues

Hello, @tang385.


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums and thank you for posting your feedback. 


Thank you for being a long time member of Rogers' family! While we strive to ensure we provide the best in class service, I imagine we can fall short in some instances. 


We'd love to turn around your experience; please post your service troubles on the relevant board so we can get started.