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Re: Required Personal Info?

I’ve been a Rogers customer for about 10 years and have never missed a payment.  I was online today to upgrade my existing cable (Nextbox) to one of the Ignite Tv bundles.  At the the end of the process I was asked to provide a Credit card # and my SIN or Driver’s Licence # and then to give Rogers permission to do a credit check on me.   Really??  


I don’t see how this is remotely warranted for existing customers in good standing.  They also wanted me to agree that they could share “my Rogers credit experience” with others ( giving no indication of who that might be).  

No upgrade for me, but maybe a new service provider. 


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Re: Required Personal Info?

Only certain agencies are entitled to your SIN.

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Re: Required Personal Info?

Hello @javabean1,  


Thank you for being a loyal customer of 10 years and congrats on your first post with us in the community forums! 😊  


When it comes to requesting identification for the purposes of activating a brand new account/service, we typically only require 2 pieces of valid ID. Although providing your Social Insurance Number is an option, it is not mandatory.  If you have other forms of ID available such as a valid credit card or drivers licence, that works just fine.   


If you are a current cable customer looking to migrate over to one of our Ignite TV bundles, you shouldn't have to provide credit references or have a new external credit check processed again as long as you've had your cable services active with us for at least 30 days minimum, however, existing customers who are adding a new account to their profile are subject to an internal credit evaluation. The difference between an internal check versus an external check is that your tenure and history of previous or existing accounts is used to perform the evaluation but a credit bureau inquiry is not performed.  


If you'd like, we can have a closer look at our end to see if we can assist you with the migration. To get started, simply send us a Private Message @CommunityHelps. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.  


Thank you!