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Renewing Bundle - 2020

I've Been Around
Yesterday I received an Email from Rogers telling me my Online bill was ready to view online. It also said , that my Cable discounts were expiring on June 6th, and that I should contact them.
So today I called Rogers. I was told that my old package ( VIP bundle with Cable, Home Phone and Internet for $119 plus taxes) was not available anymore and I had to take an Ignite Premier Bundle.
I was told that this bundle however, did not have some of the channels I used to have now (even though it is Roger's most expensive of their three bundles), or as many channels.
Secondly I was told the Home phone did not have as many options as I had now and even voice mail was an extra option.
Thirdly I was told that due to Covid restrictions I could not get the new bundle until the restrictions were over.
Now my rant.
This new bundle was going to be an approximately an extra $45 (plus taxes) a month, but unfortunately I would have to keep my old package until the Rogers could come install my new equipment ( a service fee of $149.99). I asked why I could not just install it myself. I was told that the wiring was different for the TV connection , and different for my home phone setup.
THEN I was told that until the new package was installed my bill would be OVER $100 more as my discounts will expire on June 6th. I couldn't believe what I heard. Rogers could not install my new package before the old package expires and they would not freeze (continue the discounts) the price until they could. I asked specifically "why with other business make exceptions during this pandemic , would Rogers not freeze the price. Why was I going to be penalized because THEY could not do the install". The answer I was given was " your discounts expire and that is that"
footnote: I was just looking on the Rogers site to see what was different with their equipment. Here is what I saw
On March 25, 2020, we shifted to an updated self-install service for all new activations of Ignite Internet and Ignite Internet + TV bundles*.
With this updated self-install service, our Rogers technicians will deliver the equipment to your door. They may also complete work outside your home to make sure it’s ready for our services. To keep both you and our technicians safe, technicians will not enter your home.
***Edited Labels***

Re: Renewing Bundle - 2020

Yes I am presently going  thru  this with Rogers.  My same package increases by 33.00 next month as my promotions expire.  If I go for Ignite, it will be 208.00 a month.  Outrageous.  If I go with Ignite, I have to pay 29.00 and activate it myself.  Asked if I’m could pick up equipment  at one of their stores so I could save 29.00, answer no.  Checking with Bell now.  Think Rogers has lost a customer after 20 odd years.

Re: Renewing Bundle - 2020

Hello @rivergirl,


Thanks for joining us and congrats on your first post. 🙂


Our customers mean a great deal to us and we genuinely appreciate your loyalty over the years! If possible, we'd like to find you an option that suits your needs, and hopefully, keep you on board with us!


Please do keep in mind that the $29 Express Install option includes the following to help make setting up your new Ignite TV services as quick and trouble-free as possible:

  • Our self-install kit delivered by courier or by a technician with step-by-step instructions to set up their service with confidence.
  • Ignite WiFi Hub for personalized WiFi security and control: The app will guide you through the internet setup process step-by-step and will become your hub for full WiFi management and control.
  • 24/7 Live Chat and video support with our tech experts. If needed, customers can call us for 24/7 remote video assistance to guide their installation. Using their phone camera, the customer can show the technician their home setup and the technician can mark on the screen exactly where cables should be connected, check equipment details, and more. Customers can also visit for how-to videos and Live Chat with our technical experts

I hope this helps clarify.



Re: Renewing Bundle - 2020

I Plan to Stick Around

Same here,  rivergirl.  I had a PM chat with an @CommunityHelps person and the best they can do is $97/mo. for my current package (or an increase of 33% in just 2 years).


I offered to drop to Ignite 150 to help bring down the price, but was told that it would actually cost more.


So now I'm shopping around and hoping for some Black Friday deals elsewhere. It's disappointing that customer retention seems not to matter to Rogers.  😞

Re: Renewing Bundle - 2020

I'm Here A Lot

I just got stung hard by this. Bundle deal saved me nearly 120 dollars. Bill is now 360!!!

Sadly their phones are backed up. Hoping some hope comes out of that, or I'll be cutting some cords tonight!

Re: Renewing Bundle - 2020

Hello @SBrowne,


Welcome to the forums and great first post. We hope this message finds you well. 🙂


As I'm sure you are aware, promotions are constantly coming and going. With some deals you may receive a very lucrative discount, so when it ends, it can feel like a bit of a shock once your services go back to regular price. We always like to send a bill notification a couple of months prior to let our customers know that their promotion will be ending soon.


If you would like us to check your account to see if there are any cost-effective options for you, we will be more than happy to do so. You may send us a private message to @CommunityHelps to get started. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog


Hopefully, we can keep you on board as our valued customer.