Remove Channels from Package

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Remove Channels from Package

can you delete certain channels?


will tv cost less?




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Re: Remove Channels from Package

Hello richhard

You can't delete certain channels if they come in a package. Unfortunately that is not possible. You have a choice of the packages they offer you and those packages included the channel you may not want but can not be removed and get a discount.

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Re: can you delete certain channels

As meowmix said.. you cant remove individual channels. 

Pretty much, its based on what package you have.. you can see the packages listed here.


Each of them, has a set of channels.  pretty much,you would tak the cheapest package, which has the channels you want in it.

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Re: Remove Channels from Package

yeah what meow and gd said, you can not delete channels from your package, as the package was built that way based on many factors such as carriage agreements, marketing, engineering, and channel popularity.

there is talks up hi in the CRTC about making an a-la cart system available for Canadians, so hopefully rogers jumps on the band wagon soon. this will allow u to pretty much build your own package