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Refunds on Sports packs

I'm Here A Lot

Hey rogers since there will be no sports at all to watch for the next month or so, will there be some sort of refund for those who pay for premium sports chanells? Don't respond by saying no because there will still be repeats and other exciting sports to watch such as marbles and lawn bowling.



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Re: Refunds on Sports packs

I'm a Senior Advisor

That sounds like a good idea, but I doubt anyone has an answer at this point.  The Australian Grand Prix was cancelled at the last moment after I had recordings set on TSNH5 for Qualifying and the Race.  This morning I saw the Qualifying on my List as if it were recording but the PVR did not show 'RECORD' . Seems the channel was blank with no signal because TSN didn't even have anything in its place.

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Re: Refunds on Sports packs

I Plan to Stick Around

We canceled our SSP, they argued with us that we watch sports on it so why cancel, told them there were no sports because of all the leagues shutting down, they said they had not heard anything about it (this was on Thursday evening).  I don't know what will happen with other packages but for sure we weren't paying $36 a month for nothing.

Re: Refunds on Sports packs

Hello, @jpegspizza, @OLDYELLR, @leeanne172, and the Community


As a fellow sports fan, I am also saddened to hear about the temporary suspension of all major sports leagues due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 


As of March 12th, 2020, our Super Sports Pak customers don’t have to worry about paying for content while the leagues are suspended. We’ll automatically apply credits to your account until the games return and there is no action required on your end.


Click the following link to see what else Rogers is doing to support customers during the COVID-19 Pandemic:


Please do what you can to stay safe during these difficult times.



Re: Refunds on Sports packs

So glad to know Rogers are refunding Sports package payments, who wants to watch old games and pay for the privilege?

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