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Recent Bill Increase?

I'm a Reliable Contributor

My daughter who works from home had just informed me the wifi had been out more than an hour when I opened our bill from Rogers and discovered that the charges for internet and TV had just gone up another $4 each plus tax, so $10. Did anyone hear of an impending increase? Too bad credits aren't automatic too.😀


Re: Recent Bill Increase?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Rogers always includes these notices in your bill a few months before it takes effect.  In my case it appeared in my October 31 bill.

Re: Recent Bill Increase?

I've Been Around

Has anyone seen a price increase on Rogers Ignite 75? It went from 89.99 per month to 93.99 per month.

Was not notified by Rogers, and I was not getting any form of discount. Just wondering if I am alone seeing this increase. 

It would seem that 89.99 is now the price of Ignite 50 based on my research.



Re: Recent Bill Increase?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Julian7 wrote:

Was not notified by Rogers, 

See post 2 of this thread (the one above yours), to which your post was probably moved.  Rogers provide notification in your bills, unfortunately, many people don't bother to read them until they see a price increase.

Re: Recent Bill Increase?

I'm a Trusted Contributor

Same here.   I saw the notice back in Oct. or Nov.  It would be helpful if the notice was attached to each monthly bill until the month it takes effect.  My memory is fairly good but by the time the increase took effect I had forgotten all about it until it showed up on the bill.

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