Receiving calls in a foreign country

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Receiving calls in a foreign country

Hey everyone!

Never brought my phone overseas before and I have a question. If I get a call or text from someone in the UK while I am in the UK how does that work? 

Any idea if I or them get charged for it? Obviously it is hard to know if they do but you get what I am trying to say. Is it considered a local area or long distance?




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Re: Receiving calls in a foreign country

Hello @RAwhite1987

This is a question that can be answered when calling Rogers or speaking to their live chat team. They can inform you on the charges per minute for whatever country or city u will be in. They also have packages. Look at that as well.

Local calling is ONLY if u are in the city / country u reside in. Long distance is what u will be charged for.

Again call and see what plan they can offer you.

If anything that does not work, get a pre paid sim card with a carrier in UK with a number and use that while u are there and leave the Rogers sim at home or in ur bag. This way u don't have to be charged any LD time.
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Re: Receiving calls in a foreign country

Hi @RAwhite1987,



Welcome to the Community!


If your plan is not eligible for Roam Like Home or you are not purchasing a roaming travel pack standard rates apply.


To make a call or receive a call the charges are $2 per minute, 75¢ per Sent Text/Picture Message and 25¢ per Received Text/Picture Message in UK. Data charges are $9.99 per 20MB. 


If you plan to use your phone for more than an occasional call or text I would recommend you to  check Roam Like Home eligibility, you can do so by texting "Travel" to 222. This will automatically enroll you in RLH. Roam Like Home rates for UK are $10 per for a maximum of $100 within a bill cycle.


If your current plan is not eligible for Roam Like Home you can learn more about our Travel packs here.


I hope you have a wonderful time in UK!