Re contacting Rogers

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Re contacting Rogers

I have never posted here before, and I'm not writing to say how bad Rogers Service is.  But when I try to call Rogers main number there are so many prompts about  which number to press that is  confusing.  Seems to be the more companies try to make things easier, the harder it makes it.  I would suggest it be made easier for customers to make contact, when needed.  Well I still like to make contact with someone by phone when I need info, whether it is for the Internet, Cable TV,  or phone.  All the best to Rogers.  We like your service. Also to those who post here, hope you get the help you are seeking. Thanks!

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Resident Expert
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Re: Re contacting Rogers

I agree.. there could be some more work.. to be able to better UNDERSTAND what department you really need.

But they do need so many different prompts really, at least in the case of tech support.
(billing, usually can do almost all.. but not always)

Becasue there are SOOOO many different products/services they offer.. one person often doesnt know enough of ALL to be able to support them all.
The breakdown on the menu's, allow the call to go into the apropriate queue, so it goes to the department more specifically trained to support that one product.

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Re: Re contacting Rogers

Hi Hawyard,

Thanks for your post.

Would you be interested in posting your suggestion in Idea Box?

Also, feel free to reach out to us via Twitter (@RogersHelps) or on Facebook ( ... it might be the more 'direct' approach you are seeking.